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Using Creative Problem-Solving to Protect Patients and Staff

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Safety is an essential focus of healthcare organizations on the journey to organizational excellence. For Hennepin Health in Minnesota, patient and staff safety is a top priority. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that when the COVID-19 pandemic hit they chose to use their problem-solving skills to come up with a creative way to approach […]

Building a Foundation for an Improvement Culture

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Purpose, values and principles make up the foundation of the transformation house and these elements help define the culture of an organization. When you put stress on any structure it displays the integrity of the foundation. If there are hidden cracks or defects, they become visible and will have wide-reaching effects through the whole structure. […]

Don’t Let Your Mindset Become a Barrier to Improvement

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Have you ever started heading somewhere and accidentally started driving to work or home? After traveling to the same place hundreds of times, it is easy to end up on autopilot. This can happen with any routine that we get into because of how our minds are wired. If you are on a transformation journey, […]

How Organizational Climate Effects Organizational Culture

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Organizational culture and climate are undeniably related, yet distinct and separate. Understanding the differences and how one influences the other is helpful when transforming an organization. One way to illustrate the relationship between culture and climate is through the story of the Chinese bamboo tree. After the bamboo tree seeds are planted the soil must […]

How to Create an Area Scorecard

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Often people are doing improvement work, but they are not entirely sure whether those improvements are having an impact. One way to see the impact is with a scorecard. This element of the lean management system allows us to understand our performance at a unit level, prioritize improvement, and respond to underperformance. All elements of […]

Best of 2019 Blog Posts

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At the end of 2018 we began posting weekly blogs to inspire healthcare leaders and accelerate change throughout the healthcare industry. We strive to share knowledge that will help transform organizations to a culture of improvement, delivering continually higher value outcomes for patients, staff, and communities. As 2019 comes to an end, we thought it […]

How to Manage in a Culture of Continuous Improvement

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The overall objective of a lean management system is to develop people to solve problems and improve performance. A lean management system can help an organization learn and understand their business, create alignment within the organization, enable problem-solving in the gemba, and sustain improvements. The lean management system is made up of ten interdependent components […]

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