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Do’s and Don’ts of Implementing a Management System

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A management system can help you understand your business, create alignment throughout your organization, measure and review performance in real-time, enable problem-solving in the gemba, and sustain improvements. These are just a few reasons why hospitals and healthcare systems around the world are implementing management systems. Data has shown that hospitals with management systems in […]

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2021

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Each week we share blogs in the hopes of inspiring healthcare leaders to accelerate change throughout the healthcare industry. We strive to share knowledge that will help transform organizations to a culture of improvement, delivering continually higher value outcomes for patients, staff, and communities. In 2021 we focused our blog content on building and strengthening […]

What it Takes to Lead in a Continuous Improvement Environment

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Leading in a continuous improvement environment is very different from the way many healthcare leaders have been taught. It isn’t about having all the answers and fixing every problem. It’s about enabling others to solve problems and helping people connect their work to the work of the system. It can be challenging for leaders to […]

Five Benefits of a Daily Huddle

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A daily huddle, or improvement huddle as it is sometimes referred to, is an important component to a management system. Huddles provide an outlet for valuable communication that can be escalated and shared throughout the different levels of the organization. We have heard from many organizations that a consistent huddle process and management system enabled […]

Tips for Using Visual Management

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Visual management helps to support culture transformation by turning data into information that can help tell the story about the business. In her book, Beyond Heroes, Kim Barnas acknowledges that the idea of publicly displaying defects is hard for some healthcare leaders to accept but also explains that, “patients and family know our faults and […]

What to Do When Implementing Process Observation

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Process observation is an essential part in the improvement process. The purpose is to observe whether a new standard is performing as expected and sustain improvements. This component of the management system is very closely linked to the Shingo Principle “focus on process.” When you are starting to implement process observation it can be unnerving […]

Dos and Don’ts of Leading with Humility

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When you are a leader within an organization your behavior is observed and noticed by everyone. It’s important that you find a way to show confidence without coming across as arrogant. Leading with humility is a foundational Shingo principle that is critical to sustaining a culture of continuous improvement. This way of leading is not […]

How the Process Improvement Team Supports Management System Implementation

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A management system is a great way to learn and understand your business, create alignment throughout your organization, improve performance through visibility, enable problem-solving, and sustain improvements. For a management system to be most effective, all areas within an organization should adopt the elements from the frontline to the executive team. If your organization is […]

Seven Ways to Show Respect for Every Individual

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Respect for every individual is foundational to creating and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement. The Shingo Institute states, “Individuals are energized when this type of respect is demonstrated. Most associates will say that to be respected is the most important thing they want from their employment. When people feel respected, they give far more […]

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