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Reflections from the 2021 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit

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Our mission is to inspire healthcare leaders to accelerate change in their organizations. This year’s Summit focused on how individuals can become the change they wish to see in healthcare. Our presenters shared about focusing on your personal development, building a resilient culture within an organization, and how to take action when learning something new. […]

How to Use an A3 for Personal Development

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An A3 is typically thought of as a business process related to strategy or problem-solving. An A3 can also be a powerful personal development tool. Let’s walk through how to use an A3 for personal development. Starting on the left-hand side as usual, think about your leadership actions and behaviors and ask yourself the following […]

Five Ways Executives Model the Way for Culture Change

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An organization’s culture is comprised by the behaviors demonstrated by individuals within the organization. If leaders are serious about building a continuous improvement culture, then they need to model the way by setting the standard through their own behaviors, as well as help hold others responsible for theirs. In the book, Becoming the Change, John […]

Five Tips for Setting Meaningful Targets

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How do you know if you are improving if you don’t measure progress against targets? The truth is you don’t. Setting targets and measuring progress towards them is a fundamental component of continuous improvement.  The trouble is that if you don’t set meaningful targets you will not be able to understand whether your efforts are […]

Dos and Don’ts for Fostering a Continuous Improvement Culture

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Continuous improvement is the second dimension in the Shingo Model. It includes five of the ten principles of organizational excellence: assure quality at the source, improve flow and pull, seek perfection, embrace scientific thinking, and focus on process. Each of these principles are equally important to fostering a continuous improvement culture within an organization. Here […]

Why People Gravitate Toward Tools

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The idea of following five simple steps to solve a problem is very attractive. It’s something that sells in American culture – look at any bestseller list and you will probably find a few books promising that in some specified number of steps you will resolve whatever is plaguing you. When we have a problem, […]

Five Tips for Working an A3

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An A3 is a structured problem-solving approach that relies on the scientific method. This process allows users to deepen their thinking around an issue and collaborate with others to understand the problem and create a plan to resolve it. While the term A3 actually refers to the size of the paper that is typically used, […]

Dos and Don’ts of Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

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It is the start of a new year, which for many people means setting resolutions or goals to work towards in the coming months. We often hear from healthcare leaders that they want to work on improving the culture within their team or their organization. According to the Shingo Model, the foundation of an improvement […]

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