Transformation Roadmap

Catalysis will create a customized roadmap for organization transformation that engages all levels of the organization simultaneously. We start by gaining a deep understanding of your current state and the gaps to the desired state so we can map a tailored combination of educational and facilitated sessions to help your organization build systems and processes that will progress your transformation journey forward.

Getting the board involved in the organization transformation journey is significant in sustaining cultural change in the long term, especially through leadership succession.

The Board of Directors engagement may focus on education and practice around continuous
improvement and cultural transformation. Sessions will also assist in the development of standard work and a Board Improvement System.

The Senior Leadership Team sets the tone for the organization transformation. Their commitment and understanding of the journey to come is essential to the success of the transformation.

Our method is centered around defining leadership behaviors necessary to lead and sustain a cultural transformation. Through the coaching process, Senior Leaders will receive tools and feedback that will enable the to transform their behavior
and how they lead.

A mix of appropriate facilitated sessions, coaching, and education sessions, based on the Catalysis curriculum, will support the Senior Leadership Team as they develop leadership standards, define the direction for the organization, and build an Executive Management System that will allow them to support the organization on the journey to enterprise excellence.

The Improvement Team's role is to coach and support The Senior Leadership Team and The
Model Cell Team through the transformation.

The Catalysis team, or our partners, will work with the Improvement Team members to ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to coach leaders. As well as help each team build the systems and processes required for organizational transformation.

The Model Cell is a critical first step in an organization’s transformation journey. It serves as a test center where operations can experiment with ideas, embrace failure as a path to learning, and put new concepts into action. This area will become the demonstration site as you spread continuous improvement throughout the organization.

With a customized array of sessions our faculty will help this team develop behaviors and learn tools for continuous improvement and problem solving as will as support them through building a daily
management system.

The dedicated development team is responsible for creating new care models, while the Improvement Team improves existing care models. New care models must be designed to meet the needs of the future healthcare environment. Process improvement techniques will not make a large enough impact to meet future demands.

The work of the Development Team begins later in the transformation journey because care model development is most effective when waste has been removed from existing systems.

The IT, Human Resources, and Finance departments need systems in place to support the work of the model cell and the complete organizational transformation journey.

The Transformation Roadmap can include sessions on HR systems, like redeployment and promotion processes; IT systems, including Clinical Business Intelligence; and Finance Systems, like forecasting and frontline support.