The Catalysis Lean Healthcare Transformation Bookstore – Inspiring Healthcare Leaders, Accelerating Change

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    The Catalysis Lean Healthcare Transformation Bookstore – Inspiring Healthcare Leaders, Accelerating Change

    The 33 books and videos listed on the next two pages were carefully selected to focus on the knowledge that is important to transforming an entire healthcare organization. To learn more about volume discounts, free study guides and which books are best for your organization, contact Steven Bollinger at [email protected]

  • MOTM Photo

    Management on the Mend

    Learn from 11 organizations that transformed to a culture of care centered on the patient’s well-being through operational excellence.
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  • beyond heroes photo

    Beyond Heroes

    This insider’s look reveals how ThedaCare Health System redesigned its system of daily management and transformed its culture.
    $35.00 Read More
  • potent med cover w shingo1

    Potent Medicine

    An introduction to transparency, payment reform and process improvement in healthcare.
    $30.00 Read More
  • InTheMend

    On the Mend

    In-depth story of lean healthcare transformation at ThedaCare.
    $35.00 Read More
  • DVD Image for Marketing LOW Res

    Moving Beyond Budgeting in Healthcare DVD

    Now available to view on-demand
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  • package of 2_edited-1 (002)

    Beyond Heroes and Management on the Mend Book Package

    Two valuable books for leaders who wish to transform healthcare.
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  • package of 4_edited-small

    Lean Healthcare Transformation Book Package

    Best Value! Get the four best books on transforming healthcare value.
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  • Humble Inquiry

    Humble Inquiry

    Learn how to build trust and encourage the free flow of information.
    $16.95 Read More
  • Lead True Book Cover

    Lead True

    How a true leader puts people, organization, and community first
    $24.99 Read More
  • Prevent Physician Burnout

    Preventing Physician Burnout

    How to address the root causes of burnout among physicians
    $35.00 Read More
  • Healthcare-Disrupted_book-cover

    Healthcare Disrupted

    How critical global healthcare trends are challenging legacy strategies and business models and examines why historical leaders in the industry must evolve
    $35.00 Read More
  • Toyota Kata 9780071635233 (002)

    Toyota Kata

    Helps anyone understand the core of lean ― and what it takes to make it a real part of your culture.
    $34.00 Read More
  • Winning the Brain Game

    Winning the Brain Game

    Mindful thinking is the new competitive edge
    $22.00 Read More
  • 9781482243239  Creating a Lean Culture

    Creating a Lean Culture

    If you are a leader in an organization undergoing a Lean transformation, this is where you should start and finish … and start again.
    $49.95 Read More
  • Lean CEO

    The Lean CEO

    Learn from those who have gone beyond tool adoption and established Lean as a corporate-wide management system.
    $35.00 Read More
  • Everything about Lean

    Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade

    Simple, fun, and quick-read introduction to lean thinking.
    $20.00 Read More
  • WoM_cover_lg

    The Work of Management

    How daily management and sustainable continuous improvement produces dramatic positive effects on the bottom line
    $35.00 Read More
  • Healthcare Business Intelligence

    Healthcare Business Intelligence

    Healthcare Business Intelligence is a guidebook for healthcare organizations dipping their toes into the areas of business intelligence and data warehousing.
    $65.00 Read More
  • Non-Invasive Data Gov

    Non-Invasive Data Governance

    Improving formal communications, protection, and quality efforts through effective stewarding of data resources.
    $39.95 Read More
  • Lean IT

    Lean IT

    ... goes both wide and deep in its exploration of Lean … a great survival manual for those needing nimble and adaptive systems.
    $59.95 Read More
  • Measuring ROI In HC Improvement

    Measuring ROI in Healthcare

    Provides the tools you need to prove the worth of your project to decision makers
    $35.00 Read More
  • leading the lean enterprise

    Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation, Second Edition

    The new edition focuses on the least understood and most critical aspect of a lean transformation: building a lean culture
    $54.95 Read More
  • Factory of One

    Factory of One

    It translates powerful Lean tools such as visual management, flow, pull, 5S, and kaizen to your daily work.
    $29.95 Read More
  • Service Fanatics-Book-Cover

    Service Fanatics

    How the Clinic's leaders redefined the concept of patient experience and developed a strategy to improve it
    $30.00 Read More