The Healthcare Transformation Bookstore – Inspiring Healthcare Leaders, Accelerating Change

NOW AVAILABLE! Becoming the Change by John Toussaint, MD, and Kim Barnas. Learn more at

    The Healthcare Transformation Bookstore – Inspiring Healthcare Leaders, Accelerating Change

    These books and videos focus on the knowledge that is important to transforming an entire healthcare organization. Contact us with any questions at [email protected]. Check out for additional lean thinking resources from the Lean Enterprise Institute.

  • Becoming the Change: Leadership Behavior Strategies for Continuous Improvement in Healthcare

    John Toussaint, MD and Kim Barnas, two renowned experts in healthcare transformation, show how leaders are implementing behavior-driven strategies to ensure quality care and create lasting change.
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  • Management on the Mend

    Learn from 11 organizations that transformed to a culture of care centered on the patient’s well-being through operational excellence.
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  • Patient-Centered Strategy Book Cover

    Patient-Centered Strategy

    In Patient-Centered Strategy, Jeff Hunter, a leading healthcare strategic planner, describes a powerful new system for strategy formulation.
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  • Beyond Heroes

    How ThedaCare Health System redesigned its system of daily management and transformed its culture.
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  • Potent Medicine

    An introduction to transparency, payment reform and process improvement in healthcare.
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  • On the Mend

    In-depth story of lean healthcare transformation at ThedaCare.
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  • Beyond Heroes and Management on the Mend Book Package

    Two valuable books for leaders who wish to transform healthcare.
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  • Humble Inquiry

    Learn how to build trust and encourage the free flow of information.
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  • Moving Beyond Budgeting in Healthcare DVD

    Now available to view on-demand
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