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Updated Annotated Bibliography of Lean Studies and Research

The UC Berkeley Center for Lean Engagement & Research in Healthcare (CLEAR) created and maintains a comprehensive annotated bibliography of empirical studies and systematic reviews of lean in healthcare for researchers. The bibliography was just updated in March 2017, and is organized by health, process, satisfaction, and cost outcomes; components, methods, barriers, and facilitators of lean healthcare interventions; and lean tool development, testing, and validation in healthcare.

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What a Bipartisan Approach to U.S. Health Care Could Look Like

In this new article in Harvard Business Review by Dr. Toussaint he describes policies that could increase competition, reduce the cost of care and cover more Americans.  Join this conversation by adding your comments.

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8th Annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit

This premier event for healthcare leaders, hosted by Catalysis and the Lean Enterprise Institute, offers the latest insights in how to create sustainable organizational change. Catalysis Healthcare Value Network members will share their learnings, discuss their transformation journeys and help you discover strategies to transform your healthcare organization, reduce costs, create value and ultimately enhance quality and patient care. This Summit provides the information and collaboration opportunities you need to be successful in your transformation journey.

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