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Executive Site Visit
St. Mary’s General Hospital

Join the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value at St. Mary’s General Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario, on November 29, 2016, for a one-day program during which you will hear from Board members about their lean journey and observe how lean is practiced throughout the organization.  Executives will visit the senior leadership team visual room and observe how the lean management system enables everyone to improve and sustain performance over time.  Click HERE for more information.

Don in the gemba

How Real-time Data Can Help Stop Hospital Acquired Infections

In his book “Management on the Mend”, John Toussaint, MD., shares how real-time data can be used to identify problems quickly and help guide the solution.  View video.

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Healthcare Improvement Can’t Happen Without Better Management – Editorial from John Toussaint, MD. in Healthcare Journal from Elsevier

Very little evidence exists for the best management practices in healthcare. This has left a void which has been filled with a soup de jour of management practices most of which are ineffective. Read the study of how 167 organizations around the world have identified a universal flaw.

Click here to download paper.