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Introducing Catalysis.

With decades of healthcare industry experience, we formed ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value (now Catalysis) in 2008. Our new name, Catalysis, clearly supports our vision: To engage with and inspire the world’s healthcare leaders to transform healthcare value. How do we do this? We accelerate healthcare system change through collaboration, research and education. Read More

The Future of Payment Reform

Learn about the future of CMS hospital reimbursements from Dr. John Toussaint and Rachel Regan.           

Improve the Affordable Care Act, Don’t Repeal It

Published November 16, this Harvard Business Review article provides timely insight into the components of Obamacare that should be kept and those that need to be discarded. Written by Catalysis founder and CEO John Toussaint, the article also shares potential fixes for the ACA’s controversial health exchanges.  Click here for full story…