Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are important to us all.  Catalysis works both internally and externally to prevent discrimination and promote intergroup equity and inclusion of all to reach their potential in healthcare.

Internally, Catalysis is and has always been an Equal Opportunity Employer in all of our hiring and employment practices.  This is documented and updated in our Employee Handbook as a policy. This policy also dictates that discrimination is not tolerated in any way. All employment practices are founded on professional qualifications within the career trajectory of the applicant or employee.

Catalysis supports the efforts of all organizations to examine their own efforts in addressing DEI.  Our work in coaching and education is founded on very specific principles of Respect for Every Individual, Leading with Humility, and Thinking Systemically. These principles and the underlying behaviors taught will support the organization’s identified strategies and initiatives for it to address its identified areas of need in DEI. In addition, our teachings in organizational culture and problem-solving methods help with the organization-wide implementation of their practices and continuous improvement while addressing DEI.  These methods help organizations, for example, improve DEI, prevent unintentional barriers in healthcare delivery and employment practices,  identify disparities in healthcare delivery to patients or maximize resources to marginalized populations.