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Podcast, The Lens – 24. How Mercy Children’s Hospital activates problem-solving Capability with Their Tiered Huddles

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            Paul Kempinski, President and Chief Executive Officer at Children’s Mercy Kansas City; a member of the Catalysis Healthcare Value Network, shares how Children’s Mercy now has a network of over 300 tiered huddles that occur throughout their organization each day and activating their over 8000 employees as improvement specialists. […]

Mount Sinai uses federated learning AI technique to predict COVID-19 disease progression

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New York City-based Mount Sinai Health System researchers used federated learning, an artificial intelligence technique that protects patients’ privacy, to analyze EHRs and better predict how COVID-19 patients will progress, according to a Jan. 27 news release. The federated learning technique has the potential to create machine learning models that go beyond a single health system’s information […]

1 year later: How COVID-19 data issues have persisted since beginning of pandemic

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One year since the U.S. reported its first known coronavirus case, some experts still consider COVID-19 data reporting to be somewhat of a “mess,” The Wall Street Journal reports. Testing remains uneven across states and communities, and case counts and death tallies are considered to be too low and incomplete, according to the Jan. 22 report. “A lot […]

Motivate Others to See and Solve Problems Daily

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There is a lot of talk out there about continuous improvement and lean thinking. But, do we know what is really at the core of those methodologies? Dr. John Toussaint and Dr. Christina Dixon join Janet today to dig deep into the core of improvement work. It is no secret that many systems struggle to sustain improvement work beyond […]

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