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Get Innovative: A Message for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

During my tenure as a hospital CEO, one hurdle often seemed insurmountable: getting leaders and staff across the organization to think like innovators. Many leaders suffer from behavioral tendencies and management styles that don’t naturally allow for innovative thinking. Decades of adhering to regulations, organizational procedures and healthcare mandates hinder the ability (or desire) to […]

Health Care Cost Institute Adds Price and Utilization Research to Healthy Marketplace Index

Posted on by CATALYSIS

New HCCI research examines health care spending and its components—prices and utilization—in 61 metro areas for three common medical services: knee injections, ACL repair, and full knee replacement surgery. The Healthy Marketplace Index measures the economic performance of health care markets across the country. Read here:

Newsletter: Cultural Change Starts With You

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5 Behaviors You Can Change to Create a Lean Culture Cultural Change Starts with You   There are five changes you can personally make right now to develop a culture of improvement at your organization. But, if you are like many other healthcare leaders, culture change seems like a daunting task.  John Toussaint, MD said, […]

FREE Webinar: Five Changes Great Healthcare Leaders Make to Develop an Improvement Culture

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In this 60-minute webinar, John Toussaint, MD. and CEO of Catalysis, will describe his experience helping healthcare leaders focus on the five personal behavioral dimensions that lead to outstanding organizational results. Dr. Toussaint will present data as to why these behavioral dimensions are so important and then focus on specific examples of excellence from St. […]

Newsletter: How to Sustain a Lean Transformation

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Sustaining Lean Transformation Kim Barnas, president of Catalysis, recently created a new article on the core elements healthcare organizations must have in place to sustain a lean healthcare transformation. “Leading people through complex organizational change requires extraordinary diligence and constant attention,” writes Barnas. The first two core elements are: Lean methods and systems start at […]

“Too Busy to Walk the Gemba”

It’s not exactly uncommon for lean newcomers to view it as an additional burden on already-crammed schedules. And that’s certainly not uncommon for healthcare executives whose days are consistently packed with meetings, email correspondence, paperwork, compliance assurance and more. Chris Weisbrod has seen many healthcare leaders even refuse to go on simple gemba walks, claiming […]

Sustaining Lean Transformation

Posted on by Kim Barnas

Sometimes organizational change results in strategy shifts that are detrimental to lean healthcare transformation. How can healthcare executives ensure their lean efforts and achievements last for the long haul? Catalysis President Kim Barnas highlights four essential elements in her article, “Sustaining Lean Transformation.” This article will help any healthcare leader understand how to keep lean […]