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ThedaCare Center Announces Mark Hallett, MD, as New Board Member

Appleton, Wis. (Jan. 27, 2016) — The ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value welcomes its newest board member, Mark Hallett, MD, MBOE. Dr. Hallett is the chief operating officer for two flagship hospitals at ThedaCare, a seven-hospital health system in northeastern Wisconsin. The Center’s newest board member combines 20 years of primary care and specialty practice […]

Diagnostic Errors, Measuring Performance Among Top Healthcare Quality Issues for 2016

by Sabriya Rice, January 1, 2016 in Modern Healthcare A focus on individual physician performance, reducing diagnostic errors, standardizing performance measures and rethinking patient satisfaction will be among the top agenda items for healthcare quality and safety leaders in 2016. Dr. John Toussaint, CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, said there will be a […]

A Principles-Based Approach to Changing Healthcare Management

by John Toussaint, MD, via Healthcare teams in the U.S. include some of the brightest, most passionate, and most dedicated people of any industry. Yet healthcare is also one of the most unreliable industries. Three Sigma quality is the norm. This year alone over 250,000 Americans will die due to medical error. How can so […]

Designing Model Cells

John Toussaint, MD,  has published an article in Harvard Business Review describing the model cell. The best approach to radical redesign is to have front line workers do the heavy lifting of redesigning their work. Once the model cell has been created, then leaders design plans to spread the work to the rest of the […]

Orry Fiume Discusses How a Lean Strategy can Dramatically Improve a Company’s ROI

By: Orest (Orry) Fiume, with Michael Ballé, Dan Jones and Jacques Chaize, as posted at Planet Lean Every advocate of lean with a skeptical boss has been asked “What’s the ROI of lean?” at least once. This landmark article explains that lean can indeed help us to achieve a superior ROI, so long as we […]

The Framework for a Whole-System Transformation

In part 2 of this article appearing in the Journal of Healthcare Management, John Toussaint, MD, describes a system where every employee’s job is to find and fix problems using the scientific method. The system consists of varying degrees of standard work for all—from technicians to senior executives—and management practices that are as reliable and […]

UMass Memorial Health Care has Brought Finances Back From the Brink

By Priyanka Dayal McCluskey GLOBE STAFF  NOVEMBER 14, 2015 In all the years Dr. Eric W. Dickson worked in UMass Memorial Health Care’s big emergency room here, moving from one patient to the next, he never dreamed that one day he might run the whole health system. But in 2013, Dickson got the job. And […]

Planet Lean Profiles James Hereford, a Charismatic Lean COO at this Third Healthcare Transformation

By: Roberto Priolo, Planet Lean Most leaders interested in lean have to learn how to become teachers, a very difficult process not everybody is able to complete. Hereford learned to be a teacher right at the beginning of his career, which – he admits – is an advantage. According to him, what’s changed in his […]