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Adapting Daily Management Huddles for a Hybrid Remote World

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Co-written by Shelcy Kamrud and Natalie Bergstrom The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic swept through New York City in March of 2020. At Mount Sinai Morningside, teams across the hospital were also in the beginning stages of implementing both communication and improvement huddles by utilizing large dry erase boards in their departments. While many frontline clinical […]

Creating Value for Patients at Akron Children’s Hospital

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We’ve so often heard the phrase, “innovation can mean different things to different people, different organizations.” No matter how one defines it, the truth of the matter is, innovation is needed in order to grow and evolve the business. It’s no wonder that in most organizations innovation spins off of improvement work or the improvement […]

John Toussaint’s Monthly Reflections – If I Were to Lead Another Lean Transformation

Over the years I have often been asked what I would do differently if I were to lead another lean transformation. The list is too long to cover in this monthly letter, but I would like to highlight two important learnings that would shape the transformation differently. View this message on Youtube. I would be […]

John Toussaint’s Monthly Reflections – New Research Shows Lean Thinking is Making a Difference in Healthcare

I am sure at some point in your career you have had to make the argument that lean thinking will work in your healthcare organization. The first time I had this conversation was with my senior executive team some 20 years ago. At that time, I knew we needed to do better but I also […]

Lean Management and Hospital Performance: Adoption vs. Implementation

Background The Lean management system is being adopted and implemented by an increasing number of US hospitals. Yet few studies have considered the impact of Lean on hospitalwide performance. Methods A multivariate analysis was performed of the 2017 National Survey of Lean/Transformational Performance Improvement in Hospitals and 2018 publicly available data from the Agency for Healthcare Research […]

Motivate Others to See and Solve Problems Daily

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There is a lot of talk out there about continuous improvement and lean thinking. But, do we know what is really at the core of those methodologies? Dr. John Toussaint and Dr. Christina Dixon join Janet today to dig deep into the core of improvement work. It is no secret that many systems struggle to sustain improvement work beyond […]

Lean Healthcare Academic Conference from Stanford

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This year the Lean Healthcare Academic Conference will be a virtual event hosted September 29th and 30th. Since we last convened in October 2019, our organizations and communities have changed. We do things differently and the methods and practices used today may not be fit for purpose to respond to the challenges or opportunities of tomorrow. […]

John Toussaint Talks with Value Capture in their Podcast, Habitual Excellence

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Dr. Toussaint and host Mark Graban discuss his reflections on his time learning from the late Paul O’Neill, the founder of Value Capture. What does “habitual excellence” mean to him? Why was Paul one of the first people John called when he launched his non-profit organization, Catalysis? Check out the podcast