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Practices of Leaders Who Create Organizations Filled with Competent, Confident Problem Solvers

As organizations move along their continuous improvement learning paths, leaders at all levels are asked to show up differently. Some struggle to make the shift from being knowers, tellers, and doers to becoming teachers and coaches who develop others. Leaders are typically highly accomplished in their chosen professions. They’ve studied and practiced for years to […]

Podcast, The Lens – 71. Innovative Problem Solving through Collaboration

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Effective problem solving is foundational in a culture of continuous improvement. Today we are joined by Catalysis faculty member, Jenn Christison, to hear about the role collaboration plays in supporting more innovative problem solving. Jenn will delve even further into this topic during her Pre-Summit workshop “Engaging Your Teams in Collaborative Process Design.” in Chicago […]

Podcast, The Lens – 69. Addressing Discharge Barriers at UMass

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Kevin Reynolds, Radiology Technologist and Senior Clinical Quality Manager, and Liz Trumble, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with the Center for Innovation and Transformational Change, from UMass Memorial Health discuss their improvement work on patient discharge barriers. Related Items White Paper: “Discharge Barriers Escalation (Radiology): Easy Access to Information and EHR Messaging Platform Reduce Discharge […]

Podcast, The Lens – 63. Psychological Barriers to Problem-Solving and Agility in Healthcare

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Dr. Pierre-Luc Fournier, Professor of Operations Management at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, and a contributor to our partner CLEAR (the Center for Lean Engagement and Research) at the University of California – Berkeley School of Public Health, shares about the results of a study done on the psychological barriers to problem-solving and agility […]

Podcast, The Lens – 36. Sustaining Process Improvements

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              It’s not uncommon to see regression after process changes have been implemented. It is important to understand why this is occurring and mitigate those issues. Catalysis Healthcare Value Network member organization, Children’s Mercy Kansas City has shared their improvement work in many ways, including at the Lean Healthcare […]

Podcast, The Lens – 27. Let Your Daily Management System Reduce the Need for Root Cause Analyses

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            Dr. Lee Erickson, a long-time lean leader with experience in multiple healthcare organizations, discusses with us how a daily management system can help reduce the need for a full-blown root cause analysis. Related Items Creating a Lean Management System virtual workshop The Lean Management System Modular Implementation Program Catalysis Healthcare […]

Resident-Driven Lean Daily Management System to Enhance Care Experience at a Safety Net Hospital

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This article studies the impact of a lean daily management system at Zuckerbreg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. Objective: To describe the use of Lean in urology at Zuckerberg San Francisco General, a community safety-net and trauma hospital that serves as a major teaching site for the University of California San Francisco. Methods: […]