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Podcast, The Lens – 72. Daily Management System Spread and Sustainment

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How do you spread and sustain improvement work as an organization? Being able to successfully respond to this challenge is vital to an organization’s success. In this episode we are joined by Kim Keller, Mary Ghaly Akella, and Shelcy Kamrud, from Mount Sinai Morningside, one of our Catalysis Healthcare Value Network members, to discuss their […]

Podcast, The Lens – 57. Adapting Huddles for a Hybrid Remote World

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            Daily huddles are an important element in a lean management system. Shelcy Kamrud and Natalie Bergstrom, from Mount Sinai Morningside, share with us about how they implemented and adapted their daily huddle standard to their Patient Care Liaison team, virtually. Related Items Article “Adapting Daily Management Huddles for a […]

Podcast, The Lens – 27. Let Your Daily Management System Reduce the Need for Root Cause Analyses

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            Dr. Lee Erickson, a long-time lean leader with experience in multiple healthcare organizations, discusses with us how a daily management system can help reduce the need for a full-blown root cause analysis. Related Items Creating a Lean Management System virtual workshop The Lean Management System Modular Implementation Program Catalysis Healthcare […]

Podcast, The Lens – 25. Lessons from Implementing a Lean Management System

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            Pam Helander, Catalysis Faculty, discusses lessons learned while implementing a lean management system. Pam has worked in many roles within healthcare, from a bedside nurse to the executive level and has spent a large part of her career developing, implementing, and leading within a lean management system. Related Items […]

Resident-Driven Lean Daily Management System to Enhance Care Experience at a Safety Net Hospital

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This article studies the impact of a lean daily management system at Zuckerbreg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. Objective: To describe the use of Lean in urology at Zuckerberg San Francisco General, a community safety-net and trauma hospital that serves as a major teaching site for the University of California San Francisco. Methods: […]