Catalysis Healthcare Value Network Membership

Accelerate Your Organizational Excellence Journey

Are you looking for ways to accelerate, improve, and sustain the transformation of your organization to a continuous improvement culture?

You may feel alone because continuous improvement work is not always prioritized or resourced, and you likely don’t have access to others in the same situation.

We understand what it’s like to be the only ones in your organization pushing for change because our team members have been in your place doing continuous improvement work in healthcare. That’s why we formed a community to share experiences. We call this the Catalysis Healthcare Value Network.

We are a non-profit, mission-driven organization, which means we don’t work as consultants, instead we partner with you.

How We Partner with You

We take the time to get to know you and the problems you are trying to solve. Together we will build a customized plan to meet your needs through our Current State Discovery process. This plan would include:

Regular connections with the Catalysis team – to support and coach you on your path

Connections to other organizations – through 1:1 pairings around requested topics, attending sharing sessions, gemba visits, and the Summit

Opportunities to showcase your work to others – through writing articles, hosting Go & See visits, or presenting at sharing sessions or the annual Summit

Learn More About Our Member Organizations

You are not alone. Come join our community where you will be:

  • Energized and supported
  • Part of a community that is improving healthcare
  • Accelerating progress in your organization through collaborative learning

Connect with us to learn more!