Healthcare Value Network Gemba Visits

Our members-only, "Gemba Visits" are a core activity of the Catalysis Healthcare Value Network. Gather, along with other members, for an immersive two-day experience at a fellow member organization site to focus not just on conference room talk and slide presentations — but on structured learning and interaction at the "gemba" (a Japanese term for the place where the work is actually done).

Throughout the course of the visit, participants learn directly from the host organization and those performing the work: from CEO to front-line staff. Bidirectional learning also occurs as visiting Network members ask incisive questions and give constructive feedback. 

Through trust and relationships built within the Network, gemba visits create a safe space where members can be open and honest about lessons learned as well as challenges faced.

Below is a list of currently scheduled gemba visits and their locations:

*If you are a Catalysis Healthcare Value Network member, please contact your respective network manager for the passcode to register

October 6-7, 2022: Duke Primary Care and Raleigh Hospital
October 26-27, 2022: Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center