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Podcast, The Lens – COVID-19 6. How a Strategy Deployment System Increases Ability and Agility to Navigate Through COVID-19

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            Catalysis faculty member and author of Patient-Centered Strategy, Jeff Hunter to discuss some of the questions that he has been hearing from healthcare leaders on how COVID-19 is and should impact their strategy deployment process. Visit our podcast channel Or find The Lens, by Catalysis wherever you get your […]

Podcast, The Lens, COVID-19 Episode #4 – Funding Opportunities for Healthcare Organizations During COVID-19

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            Jane Jerzak, a partner with Wipfli, CPAs and Consultants, shares funding opportunities that are available for healthcare organizations to help with the significant financial burden that the COVID-19 is causing. Jane works with healthcare organizations in both larger communities and rural settings.

Podcast, The Lens, COVID-19 Episode #2 – Learnings from a New York City Hospital – Part 1

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            Lucy Xenophon, Chief Transformation Officer, Brian Radbill, Incident Commander and CMO, and Art Gianelli, President, from Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital in New York City share their learing from the COVID-19 pandemic. Being in New York City puts them at the heart of the crisis. Hear about the current state […]

The Lens, Episode #5 – Why a Organizations Need a Model Cell When Pursuing a Culture of Continuous Improvement

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            The Model Cell is a critical first step in an organization’s transformation journey. It serves as a test center where operations can experiment with ideas, embrace failure as a path to learning, and put new concepts into action. This area will become the demonstration site as you spread continuous […]

The Lens, Episode #3 – The Management System at the Senior Leader Level

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              Executives and senior leaders are responsible for ensuring that resources are available, so they deliver on the organization strategy, daily operations, and continuous improvement. The management system allows leaders to deliver on these expectations while adhering to the aligning principles of organizational excellence, including creating constancy of purpose […]