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Podcast, The Lens – 12. It’s Time to Take the Safety of Health Care Staff Seriously

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            A recent article on HBR written by Ken Segel and John Toussaint, MD, stated that before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the US health care industry suffered more than 550,000 work-related injuries or illnesses per year. This number is significantly greater than any other industry. Healthcare leaders can prevent work-related […]

Podcast, The Lens – 10. Healthcare Leaders Can be a Force for Change that Makes Life Better for Patients and Caregivers

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            Healthcare is in the midst of a massive disruption. With financial structures in tatters and the future uncertain, this is the moment to begin the revolution. But first, leaders need to learn how to support staff at all levels as they make transformational improvements in care. John Toussaint and […]

Podcast, The Lens – 9. Why Christie Clinic Sees an Empty Waiting Room as a Sign of Success

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            Catalysis Healthcare Value Network member, Christie Clinic in Champaign, IL, used to see full waiting rooms as a sign of success, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed their perspective. They have put many process changes in place to limit exposure to the virus. Now their goal is to have empty […]

Podcast, The Lens – COVID-19 8. Practical Steps for Supporting People in Times of Uncertainty

            The COVID-19 pandemic turned many of our lives upside down and inside out, which highlighted the need for leaders to be able to help their staff by translating behavior and shifting thinking to help keep work environments positive for everyone. Today Kerri Burchill, Organizational Development Leader at Southern Illinois […]

Podcast, The Lens – COVID-19 6. How a Strategy Deployment System Increases Ability and Agility to Navigate Through COVID-19

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            Catalysis faculty member and author of Patient-Centered Strategy, Jeff Hunter to discuss some of the questions that he has been hearing from healthcare leaders on how COVID-19 is and should impact their strategy deployment process. Visit our podcast channel Or find The Lens, by Catalysis wherever you get your […]

Podcast, The Lens, COVID-19 Episode #4 – Funding Opportunities for Healthcare Organizations During COVID-19

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            Jane Jerzak, a partner with Wipfli, CPAs and Consultants, shares funding opportunities that are available for healthcare organizations to help with the significant financial burden that the COVID-19 is causing. Jane works with healthcare organizations in both larger communities and rural settings.