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Podcast, The Lens – 77. Digital Integration and Workflow Design

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Elizabeth Howe, Director of Performance Excellence at Duke University Health System in North Carolina, explains the process that Duke followed to introduce a Workflow Redesign and Digital Integration as part of their Digital Front Door to streamline the patient intake process. Related Items Catalysis Healthcare Value Network Custom Education Services

Podcast, The Lens – 76. A Long Transformational Journey at Trinity Muscatine

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Hear from Glenda Reichert, a Performance Improvement Analyst with UnityPoint Health at Trinity in Muscatine, Iowa, who has been part of the Catalysis community for many years. Glenda shares about how Trinity continues to review and apply shared learnings from Catalysis in their work. Related Items Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit Catalysis Healthcare Value Network

Podcast, The Lens – 75. Hosting a Gemba Visit

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Rachel DeMaster, Director, Care Improvement & Innovation and Kristy Consoli, Administrative Specialist, Care Improvement and Innovation Services from Montage Health located in Monterey, CA join us to talk about their experience and learnings from hosting a recent Gemba visit for fellow Catalysis Healthcare Value Network members. Related Items Catalysis Healthcare Value Network Upcoming Gemba Visits

Podcast, The Lens – 72. Daily Management System Spread and Sustainment

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How do you spread and sustain improvement work as an organization? Being able to successfully respond to this challenge is vital to an organization’s success. In this episode we are joined by Kim Keller, Mary Ghaly Akella, and Shelcy Kamrud, from Mount Sinai Morningside, one of our Catalysis Healthcare Value Network members, to discuss their […]

Podcast, The Lens – 71. Innovative Problem Solving through Collaboration

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Effective problem solving is foundational in a culture of continuous improvement. Today we are joined by Catalysis faculty member, Jenn Christison, to hear about the role collaboration plays in supporting more innovative problem solving. Jenn will delve even further into this topic during her Pre-Summit workshop “Engaging Your Teams in Collaborative Process Design.” in Chicago […]

Podcast, The Lens – 70. Helsinki University Hospital – Self-Assessment Instrument

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Elina Reponen, MD, Ph.D., Chief Anesthesiologist at the Helsinki University Hospital, shares with us about her experience in Finland using the self-assessment instrument for Lean implementation in a healthcare system that was developed by CLEAR (the Center for Lean Engagement and Research). Related Items Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit Customized Education