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In 2017, Catalysis combined its two network member groups – the Healthcare Value Network and Clinical Business Intelligence Network – into a single entity, now called the Catalysis Healthcare Value Network (CHVN). This member-only Network provides valuable access to more than 70 other network members who are on their healthcare transformation journey. Members receive customized content, information, educational programs and other resources used by healthcare leaders and peers who recognize the three critical elements required to achieve sustainable change:

  • Patient-centered care delivery
  • Payment and incentives based on value and outcomes
  • Transparency of performance (quality and cost) throughout the healthcare system

As a Catalysis HVN member, you are invited to learn from your peers. And more importantly, we ask that you share and connect across roles as you continue your organization’s transformation.

This Month’s Member Highlight: Mercy Hospital St. Louis


Catalysis Healthcare Value Network member, Mercy Hospital St. Louis, has been hard at work improving their processes to achieve better patient care. Here are some of their recent results:
  • Lab morning draws by 7 am increased from 80% to 97-100%
  • Increased Overall Quality of Care from 57.6% to 62.6%
  • ER to CT on time rate (<15 min) increased from 73% to 80%


What We Do
Catalysis will offer special access to information and discussion groups for those who share common interests in specific areas.

Gemba Learning
Structured visits at different member sites, with a focus on seeing actual improvement work firsthand.

Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit
Two days of intense learning, thought-provoking keynotes, interactive learning sessions and the industry’s best networking. Members get a single free admission included in their membership fee.

Collaborative Website
Our members-only website provides opportunities for our members to learn, share and connect with each other. This site also includes examples of documents and tools members have used to help their organizations improve.

Affinity Groups
Member-led work groups around areas of common interest such as the application of lean thinking in areas of: Clinical & Business Intelligence, Revenue Cycle, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management and Strategy Deployment.

Shingo-Based Assessment
Members have access to the Shingo-based assessment process to help members identify their current state of their lean journey and feedback to move to the next level of cultural transformation.

Analytic Maturity Assessment
Members have access to a member-developed assessment that will help identify gaps in your Clinical Business Intelligence program and take action to accelerate your analytical maturity. There is no additional cost for network members.

Improvement ideas and stories are shared between Network members through webinars, which allows for exposure to different improvement examples without the expense of travel. These webinars are recorded and available for use by Network members at no additional cost.

Questions? Contact the Catalysis Healthcare Value Network staff:  Paul Pejsa ([email protected]) (920) 659-7469, Brian Veara ([email protected]) (920) 659-7473