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John Toussaint Reflections – What does the future hold?

For now, it’s COVID of course. Hospitals are overflowing with sick patients, mostly unvaccinated. Outpatient departments are closed, and staff are reassigned to fight the latest variant, Omicron. The burden on healthcare workers is big and could have been avoided, which makes many sad, frustrated, and downright angry. So, hats off to everyone doing the […]

Podcast, the Lens – 29. Increasing Patient Value by Developing New Care Models

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            On this episode, we are joined by Ted Toussaint, who teaches, writes, and consults on healthcare innovation both independently and with Catalysis. We discuss new care model development. Related Items Pre-Summit workshop Techniques for Patient Discovery: Creating Knowledge that Drives Results Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit White Paper: Designing the Future […]

Podcast, The Lens – 21. The Difference Between Break Through Value Stream Improvement and New Care Model Development

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            Or find The Lens, by Catalysis wherever you get your podcasts For more information on New Care Model Development download our free white paper: Designing the Future of Healthcare Episode Transcript: Peter Mariahazy: Thank you for tuning in to The Lens! I am your host, Peter Mariahazy. Today I […]