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Podcast, The Lens – 52. Using the Model Cell Approach to Lean Implementation

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            Model cells are test centers in an organization to experiment with new ideas and provide the opportunity to showcase what’s possible to the rest of the organization. Julie Williams, Operational Innovation Specialist at Nebraska Methodist Health System, one of our Catalysis Healthcare Network Value member organizations, shares with us […]

Podcast, The Lens – 50. How to Align People in Your Organization with Top Priorities to Create Patient Value

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            Strategy is about making choices to create unique and relevant value for patients under conditions of uncertainty and competition. Making choices reduces overburden. Following the voice of the customer creates a unique, differentiated value proposition. Aligning resources around the top priorities reduces confusion. And the use of rapid learning […]

Podcast, The Lens – 49. Using Kata to Engage Team Members

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            Kata is a pattern or routine that serves as a guide to proficiency and expertise. Bill Boyd, Catalysis faculty, explains the use of kata in healthcare and how it engages team members in rapid cycles of experimentation. Related Items Workshop Kata: A Pattern for Continuous Improvement and Coaching in […]

Podcast, The Lens – 48. How Coaching Can Support Culture Transformation

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            As an organization matures on the journey to organizational excellence, the function of the improvement team evolves from project-based facilitation to supporting leaders through culture transformation. Hear from Catalysis staff and faculty about the importance of building coaching capability within your PI team. Related Items Building Coaching Capabilities workshop Transformation […]

Podcast, The Lens – 47. Value-based Care in the Home and Community

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            In the last two years, healthcare delivery has gone through a significant evolution. Telehealth services that were once rare, became the predominant method. In addition, with the growth of technology, other work is being done to deliver care at home or outside of the traditional setting of a hospital […]