2022 Staff Reflections

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We at Catalysis value reflection about how our work impacts each other and how can we help contribute and provide better support as we navigate change. One exercise we have used to do this is to look at our work through the lens of an exercise some may know as rose, thorn and bud. These pieces of the plant, while independently cannot stand on their own, come together to grow into something beautiful and fragrant. In this way, the rose is symbolic of our work and reflection. We cannot grow or improve without our challenges and support of one another and the work in front of us. As we head into 2023, we thought it only fitting for a few of our area leaders to take this opportunity to pause, reflect and share their roses, thorns, and buds as a means of year-end and new year beginning reflections. If we don’t first plant the seeds for 2023, by pausing and reflecting, growth will never occur.

Roses: what are your reflections on the past year for Catalysis and the Healthcare Community?

  • Catalysis continues its mission providing new remote learning opportunities to help our customers who continue to have travel restrictions – Brian Veara, Program Director
  • The one reflection I have for 2022 is reinforcing that the people in our lives are the most important thing. The “Where” and the “What” fades in comparison to the “Who.” I have seen my relationships get stronger and deeper. I think the time we collectively passed through is a key contributor.  I have observed that many are reinforcing, on a personal level, the importance of connections. – Peter Mariahazy, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Looking back on 2022, I am grateful to be part of this team and this learning community, where the focus is to learn, share, and connect. I look forward to the New Year with the intention to be open to unexpected improvement opportunities, getting better every day (even perhaps in ways we were not aware were needed), and appreciate that there is still more good and challenging work to do together. – Karen Flom, Director - Education
  • At Catalysis we continue to look for ways to spread the learning and improve our practices. I really appreciate that my teammates are supportive and excited about applying much of what we teach to our work internally as well.  What a great way to understand what is working and how we can continue to improve our standards!  A form of practicing what we preach, if you will. I am grateful for the great team I work with!  They teach me every day, which in turn helps me to continue to grow.  With a strength of ‘learner’, this helps to fill my bucket!  I am looking forward to learning more from them as well as our customers.” – Pam Helander, Director - Forums

Bud: What is something you are hopeful for or excited about in 2023?

  • Members who have previously left CHVN for various reasons are returning. – Brian Veara, Program Director
  • Looking forward to 2023, I am hopeful that we can continue this learning and practice of relational connectedness together. In addition, there is optimism in our work to help caregivers improve to allow them more opportunities to balance their lives for their own well-being. As it is said, if the caregivers are unwell, there will be no one to give care. -Peter Mariahazy, Chief Administrative Officer
  • As 2022 comes to a close, I can say in reflection that I have learned a lot about myself as well as learning from many others. In 2022, I had the opportunity to get out of my home office and go see in several great organizations.  I continue to be amazed by the commitment and great work that is going on to improve the lives of patients and those that care for them.  What I learned is, while I can get much of my work done virtually, going to see in person is still the best way to see from the perspective of our customers.  I am looking forward to being able to do more of this in 2023. – Pam Helander, Director - Forums
  • As our community and our Catalysis team expanded our connections, we were able to witness the energy of continuous improvement pick up steam in 2023. The focus on creativity and rapid experimentation during the peak of the pandemic expanded beyond COVID solutions in a re-energized way.  Across our learning community, there was inspiration sparked during a Gemba visit which translated to a new improvement at another location.  Sharing the connections increased the outreach for connections and people created a capacity to listen and reflect.  The enthusiasm, experimentation, and excitement for improving how we deliver care inspire hope in the next normal. – Karen Flom, Director - Education

Thorns: What do you see as an opportunity for our work or the industry in 2023?

  • The financial mess that healthcare as an industry is in. It will take years for the industry to adjust. – Brian Veara, Program Director
  • As we move into 2023, I see Catalysis improving and getting ever better at developing this community of learners we have stewardship for. We are dedicated to improving how we gather the learnings and lessons for the community to share with all. We have many opportunities to enhance the connectedness to the benefit of all caregivers, patients and the communities we serve. – Peter Mariahazy, Chief Administrative Officer
  • At the start of this year, working remotely was the norm, continuing to build the skills required for a virtual world. I experienced the gifts of virtual Gemba, though I was still missing the opportunities to gather in person.  As the year unfolded, I welcomed the opportunity of expanding connection, both in ways that were familiar to experience and in ways that I could not have imagined.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be together as a learning community at the Lean HealthCare Summit in Salt Lake City this past June where the energy was uplifting and the shared experience was inspiring.  I am equally grateful for the option to share learning experiences virtually with members of our community, creating flexibility and extended inclusion, broadening participation in sharing new ideas. – Karen Flom, Director - Education
  • I feel like we have come a long way as an industry, as an organization and for me personally. As I continue to develop my personal A3, I know I still have work to do in my areas of focus. I can also see how far I have come to continue to improve myself.  In the areas that I didn’t do so well, I will spend time reflecting on what isn’t working as planned and coming up with different experiments to try based on that learning – Pam Helander, Director – Forums

The steps in the PDSA cycle cannot stand alone and Studying-Adjusting are just as important as the planning, doing. As you begin to study and adjust on your plans from 2022, what are some different ways to look at your experiences and improve moving forward? What are some of your own roses, buds and thorns?

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