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Four Questions to Consider When Creating Leader Standard Work

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Leader standard work is one of the elements in a lean management system. In his book Creating a Lean Culture, David Mann compares leader standard work to the engine of a car. While many of us might not know a whole lot about cars, we do know that the engine is a vital part. Likewise, […]

Five Behaviors That Embrace Scientific Thinking

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The principle “embrace scientific thinking” falls within the continuous improvement dimension of the Shingo Model. Each principle within this dimension is essential to improvement, innovation, and continuous learning. If an organization is truly embracing scientific thinking everyone in the organization works to generate repeated cycles of experimentation and improvement when faced with a problem. Here […]

Dos and Don’ts of Implementing Process Observation

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Kamishibai, or process observation, is not only fun to say, but it is also an essential component of a lean management system. Process observation helps to ensure that you are maintaining standards and the standards you have in place are delivering on the expected outcome. If you walk away from processes that you improve, they […]

Dos and Don’ts of Implementing a Daily Huddle

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A daily huddle can go by many names; improvement huddle, performance huddle, just a huddle, whatever you want to call it. No matter the name, there are many reasons to implement a daily huddle; for example, to facilitate continuous daily improvement, engage your team in problem solving, and help your team understand the importance of […]

How to Encourage Systemic Thinking

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When I was asked to write about one of the Shingo Principles, I immediately thought of my favorite– “Think Systemically.” I’ll explain why it’s one of my favorites at the end. How many times have you heard colleagues talking about their improvement work, excitement in their voice, but then begin to wonder if this work […]

Throw Middle Managers a Life Line

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The lean approach to organizational transformation seeks to create an environment that is conducive to empowering team members at the frontline. While Executives leaders are learning their role in the lean improvement process, tools and techniques for driving process improvement are being taught and implemented at the frontline. Executive leadership is working work hard to […]

Are You Measuring the Right Things?

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“Without the capacity to measure, we would be uncertain, literally, as to where we stood and where we are going. We would not know if we are rich or poor, hot or cold, old or young. The very word ‘measure’ pervades all fields… You can’t make decisions, connections, money, or music without true measurements.” – […]

Five Benefits of Practicing Kata

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Many organizations we work with have management systems and problem-solving processes and tools already in place. They often wonder how and where kata fits into what they are already doing. Kata does not replace these tools; instead kata can be used as an opportunity to enhance the processes and methods that you are currently using. […]

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