How the Process Improvement Team Supports Management System Implementation

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A management system is a great way to learn and understand your business, create alignment throughout your organization, improve performance through visibility, enable problem-solving, and sustain improvements.

For a management system to be most effective, all areas within an organization should adopt the elements from the frontline to the executive team. If your organization is working to implement a management system, here are some ways that the improvement team can support the implementation.

Teach the Concepts

The improvement team can teach the concepts behind each element of the management system. Leaders will want to know what each element is and how it will help them with their work. Some leaders may also like support in teaching these concepts to their teams.

Collaborate in the Development of the System

The process improvement team has a great vantage point to see the management system as a whole and how the components work throughout the organization. The team should use this perspective to help in the development work from the system level. They can also ensure that the elements of the system are connected, harnessing the power of the management system.

Coach Leaders

Coaching leaders as they design and implement the system elements is another way that the PI team should support the implementation of a management system. As leaders begin implementing the elements, they will need coaching to help them develop their skills and competencies to better equip them to lead in a new environment.

Document and Teach to Standard

Documenting and training to the new standard is essential to a successful management system implementation. PI teams can make the process easier by pitching in to help document and support the training of others. This will also demonstrate the importance of standard work documentation and training; especially as your organization is making the shift to utilizing standard work and focusing on process.

Support the Spread Throughout the Organization

Often organizations begin experimenting with a management system in a few model cells (or test areas) before spreading it to the rest of the organization. The process improvement team can add value by helping to determine where to spread next, connecting staff with others who already have experience using the management system, and showing areas where they can customize elements to fit their specific needs.

Implementing a management system and spreading it throughout an organization will require change from leaders across the organization. Support from the PI team will help in the transition and can lead to a more sustainable management system. Remember that adopting an organization-wide management system will take time, patience, dedication, and perseverance. Ultimately, a management system will allow your organization to develop a community of problem-solvers who are dedicated to providing better value for patients, staff, and communities.


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