Newsletter: How to Improve Governance Through Principles

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The value imperative is challenging boards to apply Lean principles to governance processes.

Many boards are composed of community leaders who are accomplished executives from other industries. Often, these well-meaning board members want to apply their business acumen to the operations of the hospital or health system. Instead, they should be encouraged to focus most of their attention on overseeing processes and outcomes and making changes at the C-suite level if performance goals are not achieved over time.

Read more about the how board can use a principle-based approach to hardwire and sustain a culture of improvement.

Read full article published in Healthcare Executive
What is Your Coaching Style?
"A coach is someone who can give correction without resentment"
~ Coach John Wooden
Are your coaching techniques developing independent problem solvers? Our intent is to help the person or persons being coached but our methods can vary greatly. Different scenarios may require you to provide directive instruction, corrective advice or prompting for self-adjustment.  Each of these coaching methods provide a different purpose and more importantly, a different impact on the person or persons being coached.
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CHVN Member Highlight:
UMass Memorial Health Care
Catalysis Healthcare Value Network member, UMass Memorial Health Care, has been on a lean journey for many years. Eric Dickson, President & CEO, said, “for us to become the best place to give care and the best place to get care, we need an army of problem solvers and innovators.”

To create this army of problem solvers and innovators they needed to empower employees, so they created an idea system. The components of the idea system include: idea boards, idea cards, metrics, team huddles, and celebration. In the beginning they focused on creating awareness and training of the system as well as tracking implemented ideas. As the organization matured and their army of problem solvers gained momentum and confidence UMass Memorial shifted to working to spread best practices and principle-based behaviors, as well as linking improvement ideas to True North metrics.

The number of implemented ideas has grown dramatically since 2014, year to date reaching 31,324 in just the academic medical center and an additional 25,445 in the other entities of the system.
The Global Impact of Lean in Healthcare
The 4th Annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit - Europe will be held October 9-10 in Amsterdam. We have assembled a dynamic group of lean leaders to share about their organizational and personal leadership experiences along their transformation journey.

Keynote speakers will include:

Rob Dillmann, CEO of Isala in the Netherlands
Elaine Mead, Chief Executive at NHS Highland
Ken Snyder, Executive Director at the Shingo Institute
John Toussaint, Executive Chairman of the Board at Catalysis
Isao Yoshino, former Toyota Leader
Are You Playing to Win or Playing to Play?
Jeff Hunter, author of Patient-Centered Strategy, talked with Katie Anderson about strategy deployment, leadership mindset shifts, and what he learned through the process of writing his book.

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