Patient-Centered Strategy by Jeff Hunter

Patient-Centered Strategy Book CoverAbout the Author Former Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing for ThedaCare, Jeff Hunter has extensive experience in healthcare leadership, strategy formulation and strategy deployment. His peers respect his ability to analyze and synthesize complex information and ideas; communicate them in clear, understandable, and actionable terms; and facilitate strategic thinking among leadership teams with engaging, visual methods.
“Jeff’s book is a wake-up call to healthcare leaders that the macro-environment has changed and that traditional ways of acting are not going to work anymore.” ~ John Toussaint, M.D.
At a time of unprecedented healthcare industry turmoil and growing inroads by competitors from CVS to Amazon, hospital CEOs and senior leaders need an innovative, comprehensive approach to strategic thinking. In Patient-Centered Strategy, Jeff Hunter, a leading healthcare strategic planner for more than 40 years, describes a powerful new system for strategy formulation—one that derives value from an in depth understanding of patients’ needs, and unites senior leaders with frontline caregivers in the creative process.


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