Improving Governance Through Principles

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Published in Healthcare Executive JULY/AUG 2018, authored by Don Shilton, Joseph Sluka, and John S. Toussaint, MD The value imperative is challenging boards to apply Lean principles to governance processes. Many boards are composed of community leaders who are accomplished executives from other industries. Often, these well-meaning board members want to apply their business acumen to the operations of the hospital or health system. Instead, they should be encouraged to focus most of their attention on overseeing processes and outcomes and making changes at the C-suite level if performance goals are not achieved over time. Read more about how the board can use a principle-based approach to hardwire and sustain a culture of improvement.


Don Shilton is president, St. Mary’s General Hospital, Kitchener, Ontario ([email protected]); Joseph Sluka is president/CEO, St. Charles Health System, Bend, Ore. ([email protected]); and John S. Toussaint, MD, is executive chairman, Catalysis, Appleton, Wis. ([email protected])

See what Board engagement looks like on an Executive Site Visit at St. Mary's General Hospital.

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