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Planning Session – Strategic Filter and Deselection

Posted on by Angela Brubacher

Are your managers and frontline teams feeling overwhelmed while they try to balance their daily work of taking care of patients with initiatives coming down from senior leadership? Is your organization meeting its stated goals? During challenging times, it is tempting to attempt to multiply organization-wide efforts. However, attempting to accomplish too much at once […]

Lean Healthcare in Tanzania: Meeting Demand for High Quality, Affordable Eye Care

Posted on by CATALYSIS

      Lean Healthcare in Tanzania: Meeting demand for high quality, affordable eye care Summary In a country of 47.5 million people, it is estimated that 3.5 million Tanzanians live with a disability. There are lasting, severe consequences to delayed treatment of physical impairments, including malnutrition for people with cleft lip/palate, painful mobility for […]

Prioritization and Deselection: “Moving at the Speed of Trust”

Posted on by Jeff Hunter

“Moving at the speed of trust” was the phrase a senior physician leader used during my recent Patient-Centered Strategy workshop. His observation was that senior leadership teams struggle because prioritization and deselection require real choice-making among alternatives. It requires a team to say “not now” to a good idea because the capacity does not exist […]

Beyond Emojis: How to Visualize Your Area Scorecard Metrics

Posted on by Mark Graban

I liked the recent Catalysis blog post on “How to Create an Area Scorecard,” but I’d like to use this blog post to build upon the helpful thoughts that were shared there. The previous blog post focused on the important question of “what should we measure?” The recent book Measure What Matters by John Doerr […]

Principle-Based Executive Coaching

Posted on by Angela Brubacher

Is improvement part of your DNA?  How do you help your leaders transform the way that they lead?  Changing leaders’ behavior is hard.  It takes practice and a good coach. At Catalysis we promote the concept that ideal behaviors for enterprise excellence are derived from the principles first codified by the Shingo Institute. And we […]


Posted on by admin

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.   When each group meets to review performance, what is the process when performance is poor and corrective actions are needed? In the measures, performance is either “Red” or “Green,” you’re either meeting the goal or not meeting the goal. If it’s “Red” for two months in […]

Dos and Don’ts of Implementing Process Observation

Posted on by CATALYSIS

Kamishibai, or process observation, is not only fun to say, but it is also an essential component of a lean management system. Process observation helps to ensure that you are maintaining standards and the standards you have in place are delivering on the expected outcome. If you walk away from processes that you improve, they […]

Better Has No Limit

Posted on by Sara Thompson

“Better has no limit.” This is a Yiddish proverb that Dr. Christine Nefcy shared during the physician panel at the 10thannual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit in Washington, DC, last week. She says that she likes to use this proverb when talking with physicians about continuous improvement and the Shingo principle of seeking perfection. This really […]

How Do You Know Your Problem Solving Is Driving Improvement If You Are Not Measuring It?

Posted on by Kim Barnas

As I visit healthcare organizations around North America, people come forward sharing concerns that they are hitting a wall, even within the management system. Often what I hear is that they have implemented stat sheets and huddles, but not all of them have implemented a performance review process. The management system is just that—a system!  […]

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