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Planning Session – Visual Management and Standard Work

Posted on by Angela Brubacher

How does the executive team of your organization manage performance to key performance indicator targets? How do they create alignment around major decisions for the organization? Visual management and senior leader standard work are fundamental for the continuous study and adjustment of True North results and strategic plans. Making results and plans visual allows teams […]

Frontiers of Health Services Management publishes John Toussaint lean management article

Posted on by John Toussaint

One of the core elements missing in most healthcare organizations’ lean transformation is the management system required to support continuous improvement. The core elements of that system include: A3 thinking Daily status sheet Daily performance-and-defect review huddle Unit-based leadership teams Standard work for leaders and supervisors Standard work audits Visual progress tracking Andons John Toussaint describes each […]

A Standardized Management System and an Improvement Culture allow for fast, safe, and efficient response to Covid-19

Posted on by John Toussaint

By Lisa Yerian M.D. and John Toussaint M.D. There is great concern throughout the U.S. that health systems will not be able to meet the demand of the potential exponential growth of critically ill patients with COVID-19. This is playing out in New York where some hospitals have full ICUs and too few ventilators to […]

How to Manage in a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Posted on by CATALYSIS

The overall objective of a lean management system is to develop people to solve problems and improve performance. A lean management system can help an organization learn and understand their business, create alignment within the organization, enable problem-solving in the gemba, and sustain improvements. The lean management system is made up of ten interdependent components […]

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