Frontiers of Health Services Management publishes John Toussaint lean management article

One of the core elements missing in most healthcare organizations’ lean transformation is the management system required to support continuous improvement. The core elements of that system include:

  • A3 thinking
  • Daily status sheet
  • Daily performance-and-defect review huddle
  • Unit-based leadership teams
  • Standard work for leaders and supervisors
  • Standard work audits
  • Visual progress tracking
  • Andons

John Toussaint describes each of these components in the article.

In addition, senior executives’ behavior must change. This article outlines the key changes leaders must commit to:

  1. Improvement leadership actions vs. White Coat Authority
  2. Going to the gemba
  3. Humility
  4. Perserverance
  5. Curiosity

Finally there is a section on how to get boards prepared to support the improvement journey.

Attached you’ll find an executive summary of the article.  The full article can be accessed via the Frontiers of Health Services Management website:

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