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How to Create Strategic Agility with Senior Leaders

Posted on by Jeff Hunter

When I’m speaking with central improvement office teams about Patient-Centered Strategy: A Learning System for Better Care I’m often asked, “This makes so much sense to me, but how do I get the senior leadership team to do this?” This captures a common frustration among improvement professionals Many tell me things like “my senior leaders […]

A Culture of Improvement at Cleveland Clinic

Posted on by CATALYSIS

I had the opportunity to attend a recent meeting at the Cleveland Clinic sponsored by the Catalysis Healthcare Value Network. This was my second exposure to the continuous improvement work at Cleveland Clinic, the first being a session focused on the process improvement in their finance department, two years ago. A lot has changed in […]

Planning Session – True North Definition

Posted on by Angela Brubacher

Can your team members articulate the most important goals for the organization? How do you ensure that process improvement efforts in the organization are helping you meet important goals? Achieving a culture of continuous improvement that leads to high performance requires that everyone in the organization has clarity around what matters to the organization. True […]

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