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Organization Transformation Blog # 7 Process:Standard Work

Posted on by John Toussaint

This 7th blog on organizational transformation again is under the rubric of process, standard work, and it is a key part of the Methodology of lean. Standard work is the codified work sequence that comes about as a result of improvement activity. When a care process is changed the staff and physicians delivering that care act differently […]

Podcast, The Lens – 21. The Difference Between Break Through Value Stream Improvement and New Care Model Development

Posted on by CATALYSIS

            Or find The Lens, by Catalysis wherever you get your podcasts For more information on New Care Model Development download our free white paper: Designing the Future of Healthcare Episode Transcript: Peter Mariahazy: Thank you for tuning in to The Lens! I am your host, Peter Mariahazy. Today I […]

Lean Support of COVID-19 Incident Command in a New York City Hospital

Posted on by CATALYSIS

Over the past several weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged routines in all of our lives and has brought into focus the need for rapid change as we race to re-define and improve how we are delivering health care. At Mount Sinai Morningside (MSM), an urban community hospital in New York City and a member […]

The Lens, Episode #5 – Why a Organizations Need a Model Cell When Pursuing a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Posted on by CATALYSIS

            The Model Cell is a critical first step in an organization’s transformation journey. It serves as a test center where operations can experiment with ideas, embrace failure as a path to learning, and put new concepts into action. This area will become the demonstration site as you spread continuous […]

Lean Healthcare in Tanzania: Meeting Demand for High Quality, Affordable Eye Care

Posted on by CATALYSIS

      Lean Healthcare in Tanzania: Meeting demand for high quality, affordable eye care Summary In a country of 47.5 million people, it is estimated that 3.5 million Tanzanians live with a disability. There are lasting, severe consequences to delayed treatment of physical impairments, including malnutrition for people with cleft lip/palate, painful mobility for […]

When More Actually IS Better

Posted on by CATALYSIS

By: Julie Bartels and Mike Stoecklein At the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, we see our mission as transformation of the healthcare system to assure the delivery of consistent, high quality care, and better outcomes for patients. We envision achieving this transformation in collaboration with patients and leaders in the provider, employer, insurer, and government […]

Lessons from Wisconsin’s Partnership for Healthcare Payment Reform

Posted on by Karen Timberlake

Karen Timberlake, director of the Partnership for Healthcare Payment Reform (PHPR) in Wisconsin, shares her insights on implementing new payment reform pilots. Lessons from the Partnership for Healthcare Payment Reform Part 1 –  Implementing New Payment Reform Models Contributor: Karen Timberlake, Director, Partnership for Healthcare Payment Reform The Partnership for Healthcare Payment Reform (PHPR) is a […]

Healthcare Leaders Gathered in Appleton to Explore Payment Reform

Posted on by CATALYSIS

Healthcare thought leaders, including providers, payers and consultants, gathered in Appleton on April 29 and 30 to explore how they might accelerate progress in payment reform. On April 29 and 30, healthcare thought leaders from Maine to California gathered in Appleton to explore how they might accelerate progress in payment reform. Participants included providers, payers […]

Health Affairs outlines key payment and delivery reform issues

Posted on by John Toussaint

As I have stressed in my book Potent Medicine and in other articles I have authored payment reform is one of three critical factors required to transform health care. In this issue of Health Affairs, there are several opinion pieces describing what we need to do next. This includes getting capitation right. In the article by […]

The Supreme Court Upholds Healthcare Reform Law

Posted on by John Toussaint

The Center’s three-pronged strategy for true health reform relies on two parts of the bill that are most important — payment reform and the release of Medicare data with public reporting. We believe the experiments established by CMMI to test bundled payments, comprehensive primary care payments and the Pioneer ACO program, which moves to global […]