How the Process Improvement Team is Supporting Key Workflows During COVID-19 at Mercy St. Louis

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A Vice President of Process Improvement and a Lean Specialist are managing the day-to-day process development, questions fielding, and workflow development for:
  • Workflow and criteria for COVID-19 testing for physicians and providers
  • Database and process for notifying physicians and patients of results
  • Infection control processes and workflows, including PPE standards, education, and electronic mechanism for observations by PPE Evaluation Personnel (PPEEPs)
  • PPE conservation practices and processes, including monitoring by PPEEPs ensure compliance; supplies inventory updates 2X day
  • Process for donations of PPE, sources, and resources for emergency backup options, such as handsewn items
  • Visitor policies and restrictions, including the screening criteria and processes
  • Patient/Family communication process with passcodes
  • Ongoing labor pool resource and database process
  • MD/provider hotlines (ring into Command Center) for vetting testing criteria and process
  • COVID unit patient placement, maps, and flow
  • Process for “call ahead” for positive patients coming to the ED after a positive result
  • Leader and coworker hotlines (ring into Command Center) for vetting FAQs (to relieve Employee Health and Infection Prevention nurses)
  • Assistance with process/workflows for offsite testing and evaluation sites
  • Manage daily updates documentation for Leaders group and for daily 3pm call
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7:45 am webx for larger leaders group communication
  • Signage creation and lamination, and other visual management for visitors, screening, restrictions, hand hygiene, etc.
  • Management of vital phone numbers
The modified command center is staffed from 7a-7p. In addition to the VP and Lean Specialist, hospital directors serve in the command center for a 6 hour shift from 7a- 1p and another from 1p-7p.

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