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Four Must-Haves for Innovating Patient Care

There’s a lot of buzz in healthcare about innovation. Innovative thinking is how healthcare organizations are working to add value to patients and stay competitive in the rapidly changing healthcare climate. In the words of one healthcare leader, “innovation is developing the future.” While organizations may have different ways of thinking about innovation and even […]

Getting Back to Our Roots

I realized when I was in graduate school that I needed to understand the concepts I was learning inside and out and be able to practically apply them, because this would be the work I would be doing for my career. I couldn’t simply memorize information to pass my tests, I needed to alter my […]

Creating Value for the Customer

When I tell people that I do “innovation” at Catalysis I usually get some puzzled looks. This is often followed by questions like, “what is that?” or “what exactly do you do?” I don’t blame them, “innovation” has become a buzzword with a variety of meanings depending on who you ask. I want to explain […]