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The Gift of Responsibility

Often when we talk of making someone responsible, it seems like we are placing a burden on that individual.  From one lens, the responsibility can be a burden from both the giver and receiver’s point of view.  When I asked my son to be responsible for taking out the trash, I am sure that he […]

Be a Life-Long Learner

Graduation season is upon us, this is evident by my social media feeds flooding with pictures of recent graduates in their caps and gowns. These bright and smiling faces are proud of their accomplishments, as they should be.  Graduation marks a milestone in their lives.  Many are be excited to move on to the next […]

Hope is Not a Strategy, and A Wish is Not a Plan

It’s not uncommon to hear statements like “I think this will help us achieve that target,” or “I hope this change in process will get us to where we need to be” from operations managers when it comes to new goals or targets being defined for the year. But hope is not a strategy, and […]

Are Principles a “Cabin Word”

A while back at Catalysis we did an ice-breaker before a value stream mapping event that demonstrated how the meaning of words can differ from person to person. First, the facilitator tells the story of a man who was found dead inside a cabin and nobody else was around. The team takes turns asking questions […]

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