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Better Has No Limit

“Better has no limit.” This is a Yiddish proverb that Dr. Christine Nefcy shared during the physician panel at the 10thannual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit in Washington, DC, last week. She says that she likes to use this proverb when talking with physicians about continuous improvement and the Shingo principle of seeking perfection. This really […]

Changing Organization Culture is Like Renovating an Old House

A continuous improvement journey is much more than the implementation of tools and alignment of work. Lean transformation requires cultural change. This change comes from defining principles and the behaviors that demonstrate these principles. Changing an organization’s culture takes time, effort and dedication. Recently, I was talking with a colleague about the Shingo principles and […]

Remember Why You Do It

Every now and then we need to step back and remember why we are putting all of this effort into culture transformation and process improvement. When I lose sight, I think back to four years ago when my youngest son was born and I felt the impact of improvement work from the patient perspective. Now […]

Inspiring Healthcare Leaders, Accelerating Change

  Welcome to the Catalysis Blog! You may recall from science class that catalysis is the acceleration of a reaction by a catalyst. We chose that name because our goal is to inspire healthcare leaders and accelerate change throughout the healthcare industry; change to deliver higher value for patients. 

What Do Patients Really Want?

It’s 10:30 pm and I am sitting wide awake in my newborn’s hospital room wondering if I will ever be able to take him home. It seems like we have been here forever and nobody is telling me anything; I am not even sure how serious my son’s condition is!  I feel frustrated and powerless, […]