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Learn, Share, Connect: Accelerating change during dynamic times

Learn, share, connect is a phrase that we at Catalysis commonly use to describe our work with the healthcare community. And “catalysis” is a process that accelerates change, which is our mission. So it seemed fitting that we expand upon these ideas for the theme of our upcoming Summit. Learn, share, connect: Accelerating change during […]

Are You Thinking Systemically or Systematically?

Words matter. The terms systemically and systematically are sometimes used interchangeably, but they shouldn’t be. While they sound similar and have the same root, “system,” these words have different meanings. As we are planning the 2022 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit around the theme “Think Systemically, Act with Purpose,” I began to put more thought around […]

Has Your Team Defined the Current One Best Way?

Are you interested in providing higher quality care and a better patient experience, improving the environment you work in and patients flow through, all while supporting staff to do their best work?  Standard work might be a great solution. Standard work can help provide predictable outcomes and efficiency in the way you get things done.

How to Be a Better Leader

Lead with Humility is one of the ten Shingo Guiding Principles that is foundational to establishing culture at any organization. (It’s also one of the principles that my organization, Catalysis, espouses.) This principle is considered a cultural enabler, meaning it is critical for the success and sustainment of cultural change. Throughout my career, I have […]

Practical Advice on Payment Reform

In order for payment reform to be successful from the perspective of purchasers, payers, providers, and patients, Harold Miller, President and CEO of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform asserts that there are four separate goals which must all be met.  If you’re familiar with Harold Miller’s work on healthcare payment reform, […]

Is There a Better Way to Pay for Healthcare than the Prevalent “Fee-for-service” Model?

Is there a better way to pay for healthcare than the prevalent “fee-for-service” model?  The answer to this question has been pursued for years.  Recently, it has become even more urgent due to the changes in Medicare reimbursements (Hospital Readmission Reduction Act), the Affordable Care Act, and recent targets set by the Obama Administration to […]