Learn, Share, Connect: Accelerating change during dynamic times

Learn, share, connect is a phrase that we at Catalysis commonly use to describe our work with the healthcare community. And “catalysis” is a process that accelerates change, which is our mission. So it seemed fitting that we expand upon these ideas for the theme of our upcoming Summit. Learn, share, connect: Accelerating change during dynamic times. But what does that really mean?

We are part of a community that is focused on improving healthcare for patients, providers, families, and communities. And by extension, you are part of this community as well.

We have seen the long-term impact of what happens when we gather to learn, share and connect. Our vision is to transform the healthcare industry to deliver higher value through experiments, collaboration, and education by spreading learning and accelerating improvement. Everything we do is centered around this idea to help others focus on what matters most: patients, staff, and families.

  • Learn: We see the value of being lifelong learners and how vital it is to ask ourselves questions like– what do I not know yet? How can I find out more?
  • Share: When we share something, it provides a form of learning in and of itself. By sharing, not only are you helping others learn, but you yourself must reflect on your own learning in order to share, continuing the cycle of learning.
  • Connect: We learn more, better, and faster with others than any of us can alone, so connecting with others is another vital aspect. This could be connecting with others in my team or organization so that we all learn together. It could also mean linking with others outside of my own organization with fresh eyes to discover new, innovative, or just simply better ways of approaching problems or developing a system.

By convening to learn, share, and connect – our goal is to help you discover what others are doing (and why), be inspired about what’s possible, and discuss ideas with others, in order to accelerate change in your own organization and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Our world, and expectations, are growing every day. We recognize the rate of data and information that is created and shared/consumed is growing exponentially. This means we must get better faster as well – exponentially! We need to find ways to accelerate change in times when things are dynamic – whether it is due to the impact of COVID or anything else that disorders our world. It may be a small hiccup or a catastrophic event, but the better we prepare our systems to manage disruptions, the better we’ll be able to recover and thrive.

So, while these can all be distinct ideas, taken together, the idea of Learn, share, connect: Accelerating change during dynamic times is powerful and can help the healthcare community improve – together.

How have you and your team navigated change in your communities? How are you planning for the future? We hope you’ll join us live in Chicago or online from wherever you are so that we may support others while improving ourselves.

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