Newsletter: Insights from Leading a Lean Healthcare Revolution

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Insights from Leading a Lean Healthcare Revolution

John Toussaint“If the leaders to create the environment, most of the time the employees will respond because frankly, people do want to get up and go to work and do a good job, ” says John Toussaint, MD and CEO of Catalysis.

Bill Box, co-founder of Exploring Forward Thinking WorkplacesTM shares John’s expertise on topics such as:

  • How to create innovative work places.
  • How to get an employee’s best performance.
  • What employees lack and long for at work.

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How Do Senior Leaders Support Lean Transformation?
When it comes to supporting a lean transformation, a senior leader has three responsibilities:
  • Establish direction for the organization
  • Motivate, mentor and inspire
  • Break-through thinking, through continuous learning

When senior leaders begin to focus on modeling the key behavioral indicators rather than spending all of their time on the key performance indicators, true cultural transformation is possible.

Transforming the culture of an organization is not easy; all organizations experience challenges along the way. If you are experiencing challenges within your organization, join us for an Executive Site Visit, where you can learn about the host organization’s successes and failures first-hand.

A Valuable Resource for Your Leadership Team

Thousands of hospital and health system leaders tend to agree, Management on the Mend: The Healthcare Executive Guide to System Transformation is indispensable.

This book provides a framework for lean transformation, showing leaders how to embrace a proven operating and management system, while empowering frontline staff to find and solve problems.
One healthcare executive described Management on the Mend this way:

Thoughtful, spot on with insight of implementation hazards and best practices, and set at the right tempo for easy accessibility. Bought one for each of my team members.”

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From Practicing Operational Excellence to Mastering Excellence
Considering a graduate degree in improvement?
The Master of Business Operational Excellence (MBOE) program at the Ohio State University is designed with the working professional in mind. The unique, blended learning approach combines on-campus sessions with the application of learning in the workplace and also includes an experienced coach. 
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