Newsletter: How Lean Thinking Has Impacted Healthcare Organizations

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The process used to build high-quality vehicles and the banking industry’s focus on customer service can, indeed, be adapted to healthcare in a way that improves operations, bolsters workplace culture, improves patient satisfaction, and lowers the cost of providing care. So why isn’t every hospital and healthcare system implementing lean today?
Healthcare leaders tell us change is difficult. And of course, it is. But not changing can be fatal.
Read more about the need to implement lean in healthcare and the impact that it has had on organizations that have done so.
Is your organization prepared to produce results in the dynamic risk-based world?
Webinar: Thriving in a Risk-Based Environment
April 4th @ 11:00 am CT
The reality is that most healthcare organizations are not prepared to produce results in the dynamic, risk-based world.
This webinar will introduce a comprehensive framework to transform the way an organization thinks about achieving performance results.
Pilot Workshop: Thriving in a Risk-Based Environment
May, 10th in St. Paul, MN
In this session participants will:
  • Learn a framework for building capacity and capability
  • Assess their organization's current capacity and capability
  • Develop a plan to implement the framework in their organization.
CHVN Member Highlight:
Catalysis Healthcare Value Network member, Mercy Hospital St. Louis, has been hard at work improving their processes to achieve better patient care. Here are some of their recent results:
  • Lab morning draws by 7 am increased from 80% to 97-100%
  • Increased Overall Quality of Care from 57.6% to 62.6%
  • ER to CT on time rate (<15 min) increased from 73% to 80%
Build Fundamental Competencies
The programs available at Catalysis are designed to help build fundamental competencies for lean leaders. Experienced faculty deliver proven methodologies that can be practiced in all areas of healthcare organizations.
Our sessions are highly interactive and actionable, and cover topics for leaders with all levels of experience. Whether your organization is beginning to explore lean methodology or is at a more mature stage, we deliver concepts that challenge and help leaders grow in their development.
Check our workshop calendar to find out what is available at the 9th Annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit and throughout the year!
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