Newsletter: How the Healthcare Landscape is Changing

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We know traditional care in the United States is too expensive. The cost structures of hospitals are a big part of the problem. Therefore, we are seeing disruption in the hospital industry. Hospital administrators are taking notice of recent trends, including:
  • Free-standing, low-cost "neighborhood" hospitals
  • Hospital at Home services
  • Health systems taking the care process to the patient
  • Mergers with insurers and doctor clinics
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Kay Hall,
Continuous Improvement Professional
The Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit on June 14-15 in Chicago, IL offers:
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CHVN Member Highlight:
Catalysis Healthcare Value Network (CHVN) member, HealthEast, has been nurturing their culture of continuous improvement since 2013. They now average 8 improvement ideas per FTE per year, which is more than 160,000 implemented improvement ideas to date!
As a result of the great improvement work at the front line at HealthEast, they have improved their clinical quality metric, "Flawless Care," by over 10% year over year for the past two years.
Radical Improvements with Model Cells
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