Newsletter: Healthcare Education and Resource Provider Catalysis Joins Lean Certification Alliance

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“We are honored to represent the healthcare industry as an endorser of the Lean Certification program. Aligning and enabling healthcare providers to continuously improve the delivery of life-saving care is our mission and our life,” said Thomas Hartman, executive coach at Catalysis and new member of the Lean Certification Oversight and Appeals Committee and the Lean Certification Alliance.
Two Ways to Encourage Leadership Development
We offer scheduled workshops at a variety of locations on a wide range of topics that are designed to help develop leaders at all levels of your organization.
These programs are led by experienced faculty and designed to help build fundamental competencies for lean leaders.
Check out our workshop calendar to see what is scheduled near you.
Our customized services are designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of your organization.
A customized roadmap may include:
  • Facilitated work sessions
  • Interactive workshops
  • Principle-based executive coaching
Contact us to start customizing your roadmap.
Eight Questions that Changed the Culture at Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland Clinic is working to achieve a culture in which every caregiver is capable, empowered, and expected to make improvements every day.
To set themselves up for success, they coached caregivers to think through these questions:
1. What is the target condition (goal)?
2. What is the current condition?
3. What obstacles are in your way? Which one are you addressing now?
4. What is your next step?
5. When can we go and see?
6. What did you expect to happen?
7. What actually happened?
8. What did you learn?
Join us at the 9th  annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit, June 14-15 in Chicago, IL where the finance team from Cleveland Clinic will present a learning session and Lisa Yerian, MD will be a keynote speaker. 
What Factors Affect the Successful Implementation of Lean in Healthcare?
The UC Berkeley Center for Lean Engagement & Research in Healthcare (CLEAR) will host a research symposium on June 13th, 2018 in conjunction with the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit in Chicago.

Researchers will present findings on the adoption and implementation of lean in healthcare organizations and on the effects of lean management on organizational performance. The implications of these findings for improving lean implementation and strengthening the beneficial effects of lean will be discussed. Attendance is limited, so register today.

Stay for the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit and hear a keynote from Steve Shortell, Co-Director of the Center for Lean Engagement and Research, as he shares insights from their research.
A Learning System that Results in Better Care
Managing vision and purpose with strategic agility has never been more important for health care leaders in a turbulent and transforming industry. We know that our old mental models and systems for strategic planning are insufficient; yet in our early attempts to translate the lean-based system of hoshin planning into strategy deployment, the essence of strategy has been lost in translation. We struggle with making strategic choices, aligning strategic intent in the organization, and deploying initiatives in a manner that accelerates learning.

Join us in a free webinar May 22nd at 11 AM CT to learn more about a learning system for strategy creation.
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