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5 Behaviors You Can Change to Create a Lean Culture

Cultural Change Starts with You

There are five changes you can personally make right now to develop a culture of improvement at your organization. But, if you are like many other healthcare leaders, culture change seems like a daunting task. 

John Toussaint, MD said, “These qualities of willingness, humility, curiosity, perseverance, and self-discipline have long been leveraged by innovative industries worldwide.” These five qualities are critical to enhancing your leadership skills. 
Read the full New England Journal of Medicine’s Catalyst article here
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HonorHealth Applying Kata to Achieve and Sustain Their Goals

Results at HonorHealth specifically related to Kata include:

  • Improvements to the patient experience
  • Improvements to hand hygiene and impact on lowering the hospital’s clostridium rate
  • Improvements to specific steps of the observation process, such as discharge times and turnaround procedures
  • Employee engagement improvements
The practice of Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata has spread in healthcare, but not as rapidly as it could and should, especially since it’s ideal for a hospital environment where many specialties and roles are trying to address a multitude of large organizational challenges.


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