Eight Questions that Changed the Culture at Cleveland Clinic

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Cleveland Clinic is making the shift to engage 52,000 caregivers in a culture of continuous improvement on their journey to deliver safer, more efficient, and more compassionate care.
Their goal is to achieve a culture in which every caregiver is capable, empowered, and expected to make improvements every day.
To set themselves up for success, they coached caregivers to think through these questions:
  1. What is the target condition (goal)?
  2. What is the current condition?
  3. What obstacles are in your way? Which one are you addressing now?
  4. What is your next step?
  5. When can we go and see?
  6. What did you expect to happen?
  7. What actually happened?
  8. What did you learn?
Join us at the 9th annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit, June 14-15 in Chicago, IL where the finance team from Cleveland Clinic will present a learning session and Lisa Yerian, MD will be a keynote speaker.
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