Attend a 2017 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit

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Attend a 2017 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit
Immerse yourself in the Lean Healthcare Transformation community. Get inspired and discover the strategies you need to transform your healthcare organization.
The annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summits exist for you - no matter where you are in your transformation journey. Learn from healthcare leaders from around the world as they share their valuable insights designed to improve patient care, create value and enhance quality . Learn, share and connect as you participate in sessions perfectly suited for lean leaders, MDs, and beginners. And, use your time at the Summit to build important relationships with other lean leaders and experts.
Register for one of the 2017 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summits using the links below:
"Managing to Learn" Explains the A3 Process
Individuals striving to implement the A3 management process into their lean healthcare transformation now have a new resource offered in our Catalysis book store. "Managing to Learn," written by John Shook, reveals the thinking behind the vital A3 management process at the heart of lean management and lean leadership. This book will help you use A3 to effectively solve problems. Use "Managing to Learn" and develop the discipline you need to create, share, and work through an A3. Reading "Managing to Learn," before taking the Catalysis A3 Thinking course will also help you prepare for successful A3 implementation. For more on this valuable book, click the link below.
Get "Managing to Learn" and Maximize A3 Effectiveness
Register Now for 2017 Lean Leadership Series Events
Attention healthcare leaders! If you wish to learn all you can about effective lean healthcare strategies from practitioners in the field who have been successful implementing lean methods, then register now to attend a Catalysis Lean Leadership Series event.
Exciting New Opportunities to Go See
Catalysis is partnering with a select number of healthcare organizations and leaders that have achieved excellence in lean practice and results and are willing to share their organization's  journey with you.  These Executive Site Visits will provide leaders with an opportunity to hear from senior executives and see the principles of operational excellence practiced first hand. Join us at a location that is convenient for you and register today!
Like the New Catalysis Facebook Page
As you may know, we recently changed our name to Catalysis. As part of our new name and brand, we have created an all new Facebook page where we will share important links, videos, articles and more. "Like" us on Facebook to make sure you don't miss important lean healthcare information!
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Tell us how Catalysis can fill the information and resource gaps you have and we'll create the materials you need. We are always interested in better serving the needs of our clients. Let us know what more we can do for you!
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