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Podcast, The Lens – 24. How Children’s Mercy Hospital activates problem-solving Capability with Their Tiered Huddles

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            Paul Kempinski, President and Chief Executive Officer at Children’s Mercy Kansas City; a member of the Catalysis Healthcare Value Network, shares how Children’s Mercy now has a network of over 300 tiered huddles that occur throughout their organization each day and activating their over 8000 employees as improvement specialists. […]

How Cleveland Clinic is Using Tiered Huddles During COVID-19

Posted on by Sara Thompson

The tiered daily huddles still occur as usual (same time, same people (with the caveat that every leader is responsible for having someone else ready to fill in if he/she is busy – that’s not new). The content has shifted to systematically include content around COVID – like # of “persons under investigation (pending COVID […]

How a U.S. Health Care System Uses 15-Minute Huddles to Keep 23 Hospitals Aligned

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A core challenge of management is to ensure that the organization’s priorities, strategies, and metrics are consistently embraced and that any impediments are identified and addressed quickly. At Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Healthcare, ensuring the alignment of all these things to provide extraordinary care requires a constant regimented focus across our 23 hospitals, 170 clinics, and […]

How a Culture of Improvement is Enabling INTEGRIS Health to Respond to COVID-19

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Like many healthcare organizations across the United States, INTEGRIS Health, in Oklahoma, had many questions about how to prepare for COVID-19. How would the spread of the virus look in Oklahoma? Were they prepared for a surge of COVID positive patients?  How were they going to manage and handle these patients, as well as other […]

A Standardized Management System and an Improvement Culture allow for fast, safe, and efficient response to Covid-19

Posted on by John Toussaint

By Lisa Yerian M.D. and John Toussaint M.D. There is great concern throughout the U.S. that health systems will not be able to meet the demand of the potential exponential growth of critically ill patients with COVID-19. This is playing out in New York where some hospitals have full ICUs and too few ventilators to […]

Innovations in Management from Children’s Mercy in Kansas City

Posted on by John Toussaint

By: Felicity Pino, Shelly Hammer, and John Toussaint, MD Many organizations have developed a daily management that includes stand-up huddles, a huddle board where key metrics are reviewed, and where staff ideas for improvement are captured. Some have also begun using daily status sheets where managers meet with front line staff to understand barriers to […]

Accelerating Patient-Centered Strategy – Pre-Summit Workshop

Posted on by Angela Brubacher

Do you think your organization put strategic planning on hold in 2020? Perhaps not! In the last year leadership teams were forced to plan under conditions of stress and uncertainty, then engaged in tiered huddles to rapidly study and adjust to create the most value for patients despite difficult constraints. They were practicing the essential […]

Newsletter: Evolving Leadership to Support a Culture of Continuous Improvement

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  Make informed strategic choices to sustain transformation improvement EDUCATION   EVENTS   STORE   NETWORKS   RESOURCES Martin’s Point Health Care was an early adopter of lean concepts in healthcare, and its use of lean has progressively matured since 2010. As the organization progressed on their continuous improvement journey they realized that a critical component for culture change […]

How to Set Up an Incident Command Center

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The Permanente Medical Group has set up an incident command center to provide structure and a framework for managing in a crisis situation. Their entire management system has shifted to COVID-19, including daily tiered huddles and stat exchanges. Here is their standard work: Incident Command Overview – Roles and Responsibilities Incident Command Standard Work Tiered […]

Leading a Culture of Improvement: From Knowledge to Practice at Cleveland Clinic

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Cleveland Clinic will host an interactive learning event on the Cleveland Clinic Improvement Model December 9-11, 2019. The learning objectives of this event are: Identify the key components of a successful tiered huddle system to create their own tiered huddle that engages caregivers in identifying and solving problems Describe how creating a system for problem […]