How Cleveland Clinic is Using Tiered Huddles During COVID-19

The tiered daily huddles still occur as usual (same time, same people (with the caveat that every leader is responsible for having someone else ready to fill in if he/she is busy – that’s not new). The content has shifted to systematically include content around COVID – like # of “persons under investigation (pending COVID test results) and # of COVID positive patients in house and where they are (regular floor or ICU, etc.) for each. Also, trying to understand our staffing – # caregivers out, # caregivers positive, the impact, and any operational issues/concerns/questions.

These metrics are reviewed For each hospital – then all hospitals report in for Tier 5 – and the entire system is reviewed in Tier 6 –which the CEO runs.

The IC Process is separate. Complicated problems that are elevated through the tiered daily huddles go to the IC for recommendations, which are then approved (or not) by the Exec Team.

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