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Recap of the 2023 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit

Over the last three years, the healthcare community has found innovative and resourceful ways to not only combat challenges, but also thrive and grow. That is why the theme for this year’s Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit was Learn, Share, Connect: Accelerating change during dynamic times. Our presenters shared about developing their teams, building a resilient […]

How Simple 5S Saved My Sanity

Working remotely had been my method of operation for the last seven years. I had my protected office space, had found my groove and our family had found a solid routine that worked for us, even though I travelled quite frequently. Now, throw in a pandemic, along with virtual learning/instruction for one elementary student, one […]

What to Do When you Are Feeling Burned Out

Each one of us has an individual responsibility when it comes to being a member of a team. When each individual focuses inwardly first, it helps to build strong, resilient teams within our workplaces. Samuel Ashby, Director of Performance Excellence at Legacy Health in Portland, OR, says that resiliency is a team sport. During his […]

Why Create Flow & Pull Value?

The other morning as I was stuck in the crazy weekday morning ritual that is the elementary school drop off line, I started thinking about the Shingo Principle flow and pull value.  I am not fond of this part of my morning routine; it seems like it takes much longer than it should, and I […]

Tips for Creating a Continuous Improvement Mindset

The Shingo principle seek perfection is about challenging the status quo; always wanting to be better and do better. While perfection will never be obtained, the pursuit of perfection creates a mindset and culture of continuous improvement. Over the years, I have seen many healthcare organizations who are striving to attain operational excellence by focusing […]