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Some Assembly Required: Racing Bikes and Management Systems

Posted on by Karen Flom

Racing bikes are designed for maximum performance.  The design is intended to minimize aerodynamic drag, rolling resistance, and weight.  With an untrained eye, you may identify its parts:  tires, crank arm, pedals, handlebar stem, brakes, and shifters.  Looking at the parts may not give insight into the assembly of how to best optimize performance.  If […]

A Checklist for Active Listening

Posted on by Karen Flom

As an organization matures on the journey to organizational excellence, leaders shift their role to serve as coaches. In this environment it is important to build coaching capabilities within the Process Improvement team and among front-line managers. In the PI role, coaching for technical competency – like teaching tools is a skill used daily.  However, […]

Four Insights About Learning Communities

Posted on by Karen Flom

At the beginning of this year we began an experiment with Catalysis Healthcare Value Network member organization, PeaceHealth, and a handful of other eager healthcare organizations around the idea of creating a learning community. The goal was for PeaceHealth to share about their Safety STOP program and help other healthcare organizations develop one of their […]

Four Reasons to Build Coaching Capability in Your PI Team

Posted on by Karen Flom

Coaching capability is an important asset for an organization on a lean transformation journey. At the heart of lean transformation is the focus of improving processes and developing people. If your organization is not developing coaching capability to support team members during transformation, then you are missing part of the equation. As an organization matures […]