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Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality reveals individual clinic reports

WCHQ has been leading the way for more than a decade in physician public reporting. Most of the reporting, however, was done at the entire group level not the individual business unit. Today WCHQ released it’s individual clinic report. It is possible for any patient to see how their doctor team is performing on critical […]

Potent Medicine Receives Shingo Research and Publication Award

Potent Medicine:  The Collaborative Cure for Healthcare written by John Toussaint, has been awarded the 2013 Shingo Research and Publication Award.  The award is given annually by The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, a not-for-profit organization that is part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. It recognizes a book’s […]

Wisconsin Health Information Organization featured in Commonwealth Publication

WHIO was created in 2006 to improve the cost and quality of care delivered in Wisconsin. A recent report from AHRQ shows Wisconsin to be second for low cost and high quality in the nation narrowly eclipsed by Minnesota (see attached graph -State comparison). Because providers have complete access to the entire WHIO data set […]

Unique lineup of thought leaders in Orlando at 4th Annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit

This will be our fourth year co-hosting the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit with the Lean Enterprise Institute to bring together hundreds of healthcare professionals dedicated to care redesign with less waste and fewer errors. Our feedback in the past has confirmed this summit is a perfect way to meet great people, build relationships, and rub shoulders with […]

Mark Graban interviews Professor Leonard Berry

Dr. Len Berry has studied many organizations in his illustrious career. From airlines to manufacturers to healthcare, he has identified what makes organizations great. His book The Soul of Service is one of the most thoughful books ever written on how to deliver world class service in any industry. Recently I had the priveledge of co-authoring an […]

JAMA article shows lower mortality in cardiac units using lean management

Outcome metrics regarding the use of the lean methodology are few and far between in healthcare. In this extensive study of many cardiac centers around the country, we now have evidence that practicing lean management leads to better outcomes for patients. Up to now we have relied on individual case studies which although powerful, leave the […]

Frontiers of Health Services Management publishes John Toussaint lean management article

One of the core elements missing in most healthcare organizations’ lean transformation is the management system required to support continuous improvement. The core elements of that system include: A3 thinking Daily status sheet Daily performance-and-defect review huddle Unit-based leadership teams Standard work for leaders and supervisors Standard work audits Visual progress tracking Andons John Toussaint describes each […]

Lean government an oxymoron? Maybe not!

Relying on the help of Group Health of Puget Sound, Seattle Children’s and other lean companies like Starbucks, the Governor of Washington has been delivering better value to state residents for their tax dollar. “Washington’s pioneering approach of adapting Lean to all of state government enhances the state’s national reputation as a leader in performance […]