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JAMA publishes article on Bellin ThedaCare Pioneer ACO

As reported by CMS in July, the Bellin ThedaCare Pioneer ACO achieved a 4.6% reduction in the total cost of care for 20,000 Medicare beneficiaries from 2011-2012. What the report didn’t cover was the fact that total revenue actually went down as care was delivered more efficiently. This is a fundamental flaw of the existing […]

Food banks do not make cars but lean works there, too.

The argument that “we do not make cars” just does not hold water anymore. The lean methodology has been shown to work in almost every industry. Food banks? Of course. Food banks have processes to deliver products and services just like car manufacturers or hospitals. Most of the time these services are delivered in an […]

2013 Healthcare Transformation Summit a Success

What do Paul O’Neill, James Womack PhD, Francois de Brantes, Alan Gleghorn, Don Shilton, Henry Hawthorne, Alan Aviles, and John Toussaint MD have in common? They were all keynote speakers last week at what attendees have said was the best Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit yet. But that’s not all. They also are CEOs or former […]

JAMA publishes Toussaint Berwick Commentary

Today, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article by John Toussaint, M.D. and Donald Berwick, M.D. which describes several important changes that must happen legislatively and from a policy standpoint to lower cost and improve quality for Medicare beneficiaries. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) allowed for fee-for-service Medicare data to be […]

Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality reveals individual clinic reports

WCHQ has been leading the way for more than a decade in physician public reporting. Most of the reporting, however, was done at the entire group level not the individual business unit. Today WCHQ released it’s individual clinic report. It is possible for any patient to see how their doctor team is performing on critical […]

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