Commonwealth Article Describes State Administrative Data Sets

The Commonwealth Organization has focused recently on important transparency initiatives going on throughout the country. This article compares all the state administrative data sets and the details of their development.

The fundamental difference between WHIO and the other administrative data bases is that WHIO is a publicly available. Although the data access is not free it is available to most organizations who are interested in it to improve the cost and quality of healthcare. The other state organizations allow very limited access to this data. Most of these initiatives are state owned and run and do not support private approaches to using the data to improve care.

The strength of the Wisconsin initiative is the multistakeholder nature of the work. Having insurers,providers,employers,and state government all working together to develop a common approach is critical for the best outcome and has led to the success of WHIO. Many problems still exist but a multistakeholder approach is the best way to solve them.

To read their article, click here - commonwealtharticle1439_Love_allpayer_claims_databases_ib_v2

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