Notes on COVID-19 Vaccine Planning

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Below is Information from our latest COVID vaccine sharing session by network members: • The use of the Project Management Office and the Process Improvement teams to design and adjust new workflows are going great • Will need to stagger inoculating staff in case of adverse reaction • Inoculate staff at the end of their shift instead of the beginning due to some adverse reactions • Security of the vaccine is a significant concern. The vaccine will be a high theft item. Secure the vaccine where the Class 1 or Class 2 are stored. • Some are tracking the COVID-19 vaccine using the same method as the flu shot. Some are using Employee Health and their system. • Essential worker populations like police and firefighters will need to be staggered for inoculation too • Need better communication internally and to the public. Get messages out early and via multiple channels to avoid inundating the call centers. • Involve your Compliance people early in the new workflows and processes • Need an "inoculation delivery" plan. Example: Are you going to "preload" the needles or draw at the time of delivery? • Plan on a daily or more frequent inventory status reporting process for leadership • Most are planning on using all their vaccine on the first dose and then using later shipments for the second dose • Some were planning on handing the patient a document as evidence of the inoculation versus just recording in the EMR. This is in case the patient goes somewhere else for the second dose and to minimize the calls coming in to assist help people access their medical records. • Your EMR vendors are creating workflows and reports to make this easier.  

Download the administrative planning document


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