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Case Studies

Our case studies demonstrate how major healthcare systems, manufacturing companies and corporations have embraced the idea of “Targeting Value. Spreading Change."

We dig deep into the heart of the problem and systematically prove that waste and errors can be removed. These organizations know what they are doing—the Center wants you to know, too.


Understanding and Misunderstanding Variation in Healthcare

Abstract In a paper presented at the 20th Annual Deming Research Summit, the author described how Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s management philosophy was being applied in healthcare through efforts to learn and emulate the Toyota Production System style of management, referred to as “lean” (Stoecklein, 2014). That paper focused on the principles that were being […]

Improving In-Patient Care at ThedaCare

Before ThedaCare initiated Collaborative Care at its two urban hospitals, nursing staff sometimes felt they spent more time tracking down supplies and information rather than directly caring for patients. To change that, ThedaCare utilized its lean management tools to completely redesign its hospital patient rooms and how they deliver care to patients. The result is […]

Understanding and Application of Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge in Healthcare

Experiences of and Lessons Learned by the Healthcare Value Network’s “Acceleration & Assessment Team” Abstract: It is uncommon to find a healthcare organization’s management that will state that they are following Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s management philosophy. It is more common to find organizations that are pursuing the application of what is being called “lean”. Starting in […]

The Wisconsin Experiments

Can you compare your organization’s performance to that of your peers? What does best practice look like? How much variation exists and where does your organization sit on the list? Comparative quality transparency in Wisconsin has resulted in real improvement in patient care. This is the outcome of a simple chain reaction: providers see how […]

Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO)

WHIO is an innovative collaboration among providers, insurance companies, employers and public agencies to maintain a state-wide data mart of health claims. The database includes 3.4 million unique members, 207.1 million claims, 18.8 million episodes of care, 88,000 providers and $52 billion in billed charges…and growing. Read the full case study here: Ingenix_WHIO_Case_Study

The Ambulatory ICU

The concept of an Ambulatory Intensive Care Unit (A-ICU) developed because in most companies a small number of employees are responsible for a majority of the healthcare costs. The 80/20 rule says that 20% of the employees drive 80% of the cost. These employees generally are people with chronic diseases such as coronary artery disease […]

Miller Electric

The idea sounds simple enough: Have a company host an onsite flu shot clinic for workers and reap the benefits when the flu season hits and your employees are protected and your company’s productivity doesn’t suffer. An onsite flu clinic is just one of several successful initiatives that have helped Miller Electric Mfg. Co. in […]

Carol Inc.

Carol Inc. is a company led by executives who have heavily influenced the consumer directed healthcare market. CEO Tony Miller formerly was the leader of Definity, which was the first consumer directed health plan product company founded in Minneapolis in 1997. This company started the market moving in the direction of more employee decision-making and […]

Collaborative Care

Since February 2007, ThedaCare has used its propriety care model — Collaborative Care — to change the way inpatient hospital care is delivered to patients. Collaborative Care has not only improved care and lowered costs; it has also led to higher satisfaction rates among patients and staff members. Hospitals have provided care the same way […]