The Missing Link of Lean in Healthcare

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By Marta Karlov, Education Director, ThedaCare Center for HealthCare Value

From the flurry of activity in the lean healthcare world, one would conclude that the adaptation of lean methods is commonplace in healthcare.   New consulting organizations are born every day, major universities are offering degree programs, experienced healthcare systems are opening their doors to visitors, and many new books have been published on the topic.  Moreover, organizations that are practicing lean are accomplishing great results that are benefiting entire communities.  And it seems like every other individual I meet in the healthcare business, including clinicians and operational leaders, is experimenting with some form of lean.

One Response to The Missing Link of Lean in Healthcare

Carmin Cristofaro says: 05/29/2014 at 12:05 pm

This is great post. Thanks for the reality check. I work for a large 12,000-employee university health center and much the same as you describe has been happening here over the last few years. On another note, I had the pleasure of seeing John Toussaint give a presentation in Montreal last week at a Lean conference. Truly inspirational.


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